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Das Leben ist ein Film

Life is a movie

Life is a movie. And not every screenplay can be completed as one would wish. You can't rewrite it, re-film it or re-cast it. Some movies are full of laughs, adventure, thrills or romance. But the...

The Black Forest Edition - Ab 17. Dezember

The Black Forest Edition - From December 17

With the Black Forest Edition, we bring you unique & extremely limited versions of the medium messenger and backpack 2.0, which celebrate an incomparable naturalness and robustness like never befo...

compagnon der Inspiration - Episode 20: Frederik Trovatten

compagnon der Inspiration - Episode 20: Frederik Trovatten

Our guest for this episode is from Denmark, but has already traveled quite far in his life. A story that begins as part of a startup company in Russia, about meeting his partner and moving to Mexi...

compagnon der Inspiration - Teil 19: Stephan Thom

compagnon of inspiration - Part 19: Stephan Thom

Stephan's path into photography was unusual. His first experience with a high-quality camera was a failure, but giving up is not his style. He comes from our region and apart from photography, he ...

Im Detail: Element backpack

In detail: Element backpack

The Element backpack has already become a fan favorite and user favorite in just a few days and weeks. We are very pleased about this, as the Element backpack represents one of the most important ...

Im Detail: Element sling 11

In detail: Element sling 11

The Element Sling 11 is the lightest compagnon shoulder bag and absolutely ideal for compact equipment. It is a hybrid between a sling and a classic shoulder bag. It can be carried practically on ...