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Wie man den perfekten compagnon auswählt

How to pick your perfect compagnon

The more choice you have, the harder it gets? That's not always true. We can help you find your perfect camera bag or backpack for your creative goals.

Das Leben ist ein Film

Life is a movie

Life is a movie. And not every screenplay can be completed as one would wish. You can't rewrite it, re-film it or re-cast it. Some movies are full of laughs, adventure, thrills or romance. But the...

The Black Forest Edition - Ab 17. Dezember

The Black Forest Edition - From December 17

With the Black Forest Edition, we bring you unique & extremely limited versions of the medium messenger and backpack 2.0, which celebrate an incomparable naturalness and robustness like never befo...

compagnon der Inspiration - Episode 20: Frederik Trovatten

compagnon der Inspiration - Episode 20: Frederik Trovatten

Our guest for this episode is from Denmark, but has already traveled quite far in his life. A story that begins as part of a startup company in Russia, about meeting his partner and moving to Mexi...

compagnon der Inspiration - Teil 19: Stephan Thom

compagnon of inspiration - Part 19: Stephan Thom

Stephan's path into photography was unusual. His first experience with a high-quality camera was a failure, but giving up is not his style. He comes from our region and apart from photography, he ...

Im Detail: Element backpack

In detail: Element backpack

The Element backpack has already become a fan favorite and user favorite in just a few days and weeks. We are very pleased about this, as the Element backpack represents one of the most important ...