How to pick your perfect compagnon

Wie man den perfekten compagnon auswählt

The more choice you have, the harder it gets?
That's not necessarily always true.
We're here to help you find the ideal compagnon for you and your creative goals.

If you are already familiar with the compagnon product lineup, you might have considered a few models for you but you are simply not quite sure yet, you will find a comparison chart of many popular compagnon models below to help you along in your decision process.

Step 1 - Consider what you really need/want

If you are still at the beginning of your journey to finding the compagnon that suits your requirements best, here are some base line questions to ask yourself to figure out in which direction you'll be heading: 

pick your compagnon camera backpack


Once you can see the horizon, you should be able to pinpoint a small range of compagnons that might work well for you.
But which model does have a specific feature? What are its strengths? What is the actual purpose of a Heritage model and
which things will an Element model excel at?

Feature & Model comparison

This comparison chart of some particularly popular compagnon products will give you a great overview:
compagnon camera gear bag models comparison chart

This chart will not show any individual model but the focus and key facts of various bag segments and models is easy to see. 

Element Line - Focused on Performance

The key strengths of the Element backpack, for example, essentially apply to every Element Line model. 
The Element sling 18L is a pure sling backpack and created as one from the ground up. It sits on one shoulder only, positioned diagonally above your spine. Due to its clever VarioStrap design, you get to pick and switch the carrying shoulder from side to side. If you love sling backpacks, you'll be amazed how agile, practical and comfortable it can be. If you prefer more traditional layouts, the Element backpack or sling 7L might be a superior choice.
Despite its name, the Element sling 7L is a comparatively classic shoulder bag with the key features of an Element line bag and the ability to be positioned similar to a sling backpack in certain situations. It is simple to use and handy. Its design takes no getting used to and it is comfortable and agile from the first second on.
So the Element line models share the same DNA but still have their individual purpose an focus besides differing storage capacity.

The Element backpacks, especially, are designed around the spinal length of its owner. As comfort and ergonomics matter most with a backpack, please consider going for the 30L size if you exceed about 1.7m in body height, regardless of the equipment bulk. Below this height, the 30L can still be used but often the 20L version will provide superior fit and comfort for shorter, slender users.

Heritage Line - Genuine passion

Our Heritage line is characterized by the use of naturally tanned German bull leather and, in some models, authentic Canvas from Scotland. The Heritage Line, immediately recognizable by the Gen III identification with the model name, is a perfect choice if you're looking for that timeless, classy look and unique feel. To combine reliable sturdiness with natural fabrics, you also get some technical features and modern details, but these are well hidden to not clash with the bespoke appeal. 
Heritage models are a traditional selection for enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Will your camera equipment really fit?

Camera equipment is like a fingerprint. Very diverse and unique. So we're sadly not able to offer a clear yes/no chart for every camera system and lens/accessories combo out there with our models.

With every product you not only find several sample equipments but also fairly accurate internal and external dimensions.

This means you can use a ruler/measuring tape to take the dimensions of your camera gear and find out which bag or backpack size is right for you.

But sometimes the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If measuring has not helped you to pinpoint the perfect choice, you always have the option to order one or multiple bags to check and load with your equipment in the convenience of your home
If you need to return your order for another size/model or a refund, this is not a problem if in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Would like to see more comparisons of our models and/or product lines? Did these facts help you deciding on the correct compagnon or setting your sights on a new bestie to move your camera kit to?
Feel free to ask your remaining questions, tell us about your ideas or feedback in the comments below or send us a direct message.

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