The Black Forest Edition - From December 17

The Black Forest Edition - Ab 17. Dezember

With the Black Forest Edition, we bring you unique & extremely limited versions of the medium messenger and backpack 2.0, which celebrate an incomparable naturalness and robustness like never before. For the first time, we are using largely natural vachette leather, also known as pale leather, for a product from our company. It is completely untoned and shows the original, light tone of the gently, naturally tanned bull hide from southern Germany. This refinement results in a silky smooth surface, but shows all the scars, pores and peculiarities of the hide and combines this look with absolutely incredible robustness. A compagnon made of vachette leather only develops into a perfect masterpiece of leather goods through its use and its owner. The leather of the Black Forest medium messenger and backpacks develops a much more distinct, characterful patina than is the case with regular compagnon leather. Sunlight, rain and everyday use cause the pale leather to darken, developing a richer shade similar to that of cream caramel and, over weeks and months, creating a look that is increasingly full of character.


The new Black Forest Edition not only celebrates nature with responsible materials, but is also the most ecological option for transporting cameras and equipment thanks to its durability. Timelessly beautiful in its design and also so durable that with a little care it can become more of an heirloom than a commodity. That's why the Black Forest Edition also comes with specially designed wooden storage boxes and a natural care oil that is ideally suited to vachette leather. The color of the leather can be darkened considerably by applying a single coat of oil. We have also captured this for you in the product photos of the Black Forest medium messenger. This also reduces the marks left by use, as the oil acts like an impregnation. The marks left by rain, for example, can fade or not even appear. The unique special status of the Black Forest Edition is also underlined by the embossed numbering on each individual piece. Unparalleled unique pieces, which, with just 10 pieces per model, are more strictly limited than few other products.


Every vachette hide that leaves the small, traditional family tannery in southern Germany to become a genuine compagnon feels significantly firmer and tighter than typical compagnon leather when new. The period of wear is extended accordingly due to the robustness of the leather. Pale leather was historically used for professional gloves for craftsmen, for example, because only this leather could guarantee years of durability even under extreme conditions of use. Today, only a few tanneries are still able to produce leather of the highest quality, which is why such products have become a rare treat. The naturalness of the tanning process is impressively illustrated by the fact that the leather is mixed and milled by hand without protective measures or gloves and the tanning liquid can even be drunk. Even if it is not particularly tasty due to the tanning agents, this shows the pure purity of this limited edition.


As with compagnon leather in general, the traditional tanning process is based on tanning agents from fermented leaves and tree bark, supplemented by natural waxes and oils. This gives the extremely robust surface an effect known in the leather trade as 'pull-up'. Due to the lack of dyeing, the pull-up effect is much more pronounced and leads to an even clearer patina and an even more characterful change in the look of your Black Forest Edition. The soul of this leather continues to develop day by day.

medium messenger and backpack 2.0 of the Black Forest Edition offer all the features and functions that many users have appreciated for many years. Thanks to the use of vachette leather, the Limited Edition is the perfect choice for all true leather connoisseurs who place particularly high demands on several years of intensive use or are looking for an extremely limited collector's item that is already a classic on day one, changes intensively every day and gains patina. The sale starts on 17.12.2021 and the number available per model is limited to 10 pieces.

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