Life is a movie

Das Leben ist ein Film

Life is a movie. And not every screenplay can be completed as one would wish. You can't rewrite it, re-film it or re-cast it. Some movies are full of laughs, adventure, thrills or romance. But they also offer pain, tears and sorrow. Often a bit of everything. And unfortunately, sometimes not all in good time.

Since 2013, compagnon has been equipping creatives and dream factories with loyal companions. Companions with which you can capture moments of all kinds for eternity. Capturing things that are fleeting. To this end, cousins Valentin and Vitalis created this special brand and, with heart and soul, passion and courage, ensured that creative people all over the world now inextricably link many of their great moments with a compagnon.

Born on the same date, albeit in different years, these two complementary young men created the template for what a true compagnon is and what makes it special. Their ideas, plans and wishes grew together. With Vitalis at the drawing board and Valentin at the camera and microphone.

As the third voice of compagnon, I am writing today, on behalf of all the people in the compagnon family and community, the most painful lines from the heaviest of hearts that compagnon has ever asked of me. But this feeling surely pales in comparison to the grief and pain in the hearts of his beloved family and his many close friends.

Stunned, we mourn an empty spot in the center of our hearts, a vacant seat in his director's chair of life, a missing finger on the shutter release and a silenced voice in every conversation, as we say goodbye to our co-founder, cousin, friend, colleague and compagnon

Valentin Schüle

Our thoughts are with you and all the people who were important in the script of your life and for whom you played what should have been an indispensable leading role.
Rest in peace at God's side

Your compagnons forever

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