Are you passionate about compagnon products and don't want to keep quiet about it?

This fulfills the first condition for becoming a compagnon partner.

Cooperation partnerships and sponsorships with compagnon are rare opportunities. Our handmade products are of very high quality, not only for their future owners, but also for us. This is another reason why there are always far more requests for sponsorship than we can handle.

To be considered as a cooperation partner, you need

  • a YouTube channel or
  • an Instagram blog or
  • comparable social media channel

with an active, organic(!) reach of 5000 followers or more.
The bare numbers are generally not incredibly important to us, but our experience shows that too little reach makes a correspondingly effective partnership very difficult.

The topics of your social media activity should be in the areas of photo, video, creator lifestyle, tech review, outdoor lifestyle and related areas.

We do not dictate what you have to say, write or film. Because your work is your work. You are not just anyone. Depending on the type of cooperation, more or fewer guidelines may of course be necessary on our part. We have summarized some guidelines for different content for you under the following link:

Content guides for creators

But a compagnon is not just any product and we are not just any brand. We don't like to be 'flavor of the week' and our products are not built for 20 minutes of content, but for 20 years.
That's why we refrain from collaborations that feature other products in our category every week or include inauthentic content with fake testimonials. We also want to be able to stand behind the values and content we convey.

What you see and hear about compagnon on social media is generally organic, genuine and not sponsored. If a regular customer of ours can turn into a cooperation, we are particularly pleased. Because that kind of love is real.

If you're as passionate about the real thing as we are, if a long friendship with one or more compagnons is more appealing to you than a casually earned thousand for a product feature that you've actually barely used for 30 minutes, then we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us by e-mail and let us know why you and your community are a perfect fit for us and which compagnon product you particularly like. Maybe we will make a match made in the Black Forest