The Element Line - Only on Kickstarter

The compagnon Element Line - Only on Kickstarter

By using the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter we're aiming to execute our most ambitious project ever. We're proud to introduce: The all new Element Line. Three amazing products, designed and developed by us from the ground up using the best parts and fabrics the global market has to offer. The essence of what a compagnon should be like and what a transport solution for a creative user should be like. Our untamed and pure efforts of 16 months. Two sling bags in 11 inch and 15 inch form factor and a 15" backpack. The Element Line is a massive project that's a little too big for us without your help. Our manufacturing partner, who built world-renowned HighEnd-Brands like Nørrona with their quality and experience is one aspect that helped us cutting any compromise. With your support the Element Line can show the world what's possible today!

The Element Line launches on Kickstarter on Wednesday, November 27th at 6 pm UTC+1 time

Why Kickstarter?:

    • The Element Line is a big challenge, not only due to its ultra premium parts and fabrics. Our production partner checks all the boxes in quality, innovation, responsibility and fair labour. To create and build three independent models in two colors in this kind of partnership is a dream and a tall task at once. To put the Element Line into production is impossible for a small company like us on our own. That's where we need your support.


    • Due to the challenges of mass production a successful funding of the Element project is critical, so we bring the Element Line to life. As a reward for your donation/pledge our backers can get their desired product for a specific donation resulting in a much lower price than the expected RRP. There will be no comparable discount after the Kickstarter campaign ever again.


    • The Element Line will not make it to existance without a successful Kickstarter funding.. So any help, also the support of your friends, followers, fans, community or colleagues is greatly appreciated.


    • The Kickstarter campaign will be open to backers for 31 days only. You can only donate to the Element Line project within these 30 days. After the campaign ends, any further donation/pledge is not possible. So please don't hesitate for too long. The especially popular 'Early Bird' offers are limited to the first few days of the campaign. The more people join the action, the better are our chances to bring the Element Line to production.


  • The Element Line will ship worldwide so there is no reason not to get yourself your Element bag now.

Kickstarter in a nutshell:

    • Kickstarter is not a shopping site but a donation site for crowdfunding. Different international projects are looking for financial support to head into production.


    • For your donation, depending on the amount, you can get different rewards as a thank you gift. For example one or even multiple items of the product seeking your supoort.


    • The Early Bird backers get the biggest reward for the lowest donation as they are on bord with us right from the start. Sounds like this could be you? Great, get your Early-Bird pledge right at the launch. Its limited.


    • Every project has a funding goal, the minimum amount that is needed to bring the products into production. If this funding goal is not reached, no charges to your creditcard is made at all.


    • No matter how early you register your pledge to our project, your creditcard will be charged after the campaign ends and reached its funding goal.. So there is no reason to join the Kickstarter as early as possible and score yourself an 'Early Bird' offer.


    • Kickstarter goes to great lengths to assure the highest security standards, regarding personal data and payments. This data is only stored till the end of the campaign and your shipping information will be request by us as the campaign has ended successfully. This is also the time where you can select the color for your desired product(s).


  • The products introduced on Kickstarter usually do not exist yet as funding is needed for production, so there is a certain waiting time included in the process. The Element Line is not ready for shipping as the campaign starts but after a successful funding on Kickstarter everything is in place to start manufacturing right away. Our estimation and updates regarding delivery time and shipping date is part of the campaign.


Check out the Kickstarter campaign for all information about the sling 11, sling 15 & element backpack and thank you for your support!

image by @FelixMooneram

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