A tale of wonder and breaking limits

We felt the desire for something new and something so beautiful you'd be left speachless. Our daily work schedules ruled over us 24-7, clocks ticking away in their steady pace and our inner batteries were drained by the second. A new adventure was long overdue.

So we went with our guts and booked a flight, a flight taking us to La Réunion. This island had been tempting us for quite some time even though we couldn't actually tell why. So we had to go on this trip and find out. Now, we're back home indulging in fond memories. And we're thankful. Thankful for being healthy in body and mind so we were able to discover this breathtaking island. It's rare you get to whitness something so beautiful as we realized awestricken.


On so many days our lives just pass us by like it was nothing. We're stuck in our own small galaxy, worrying and having mundane things gall us up and we keep forgetting to lift our chins up at least once in while to see the beauty surrounding us and breaking your own borders and limitations. The world we live in holds so many treasures you get to find and see if your a bit lucky and cautious.


La Réunion, once more, showed me how small I really am. Nature was and still is huge and we're nothing but guests. Flora and fauna made this planet their home way before us. We're granted the priviledge to move in the realm of nature but we should do so with plenty of respect and love. In some situations I had to decide wether to send my drone up in the air capturing a likely epic image or not to do that because the area did clearly belong to the birds. In many cases I decided to leave the drone in my bag. Even, or especially, as a photographer you have to have the ability to capture a certain moment with your eyes and your heart reather than your camera. There will be plenty of other moments and perspectives we can capture.


We also knew the amount of time we got to spend in this incredible place was limited. Because of that I appreciated my backpack even more as it meant I could have all my gear with me all the time and be free in my decision what to use for a certain capture. These timeless memories will be priceless, be it for myself or all the other people enjoying getting lost in those images for a moment and breaking out their own daily struggle.

Once again this journey made me realize that it pays off working for your dreams. Set your mark on a goal and listen to your gut if it's the right one for you and let it guide you along. And don't be afraid to take a certain risk. Every single experience will enrich your being in so many aspects and on so many levels.


What La Réunion made me realize is that you can see and experience impressive and extraordinary things if you're willing to work for it and really put something in it. In so many cases the easiest route, the lightest climb uphill will get you to a spot you will have to share with many other people. The tricky and exhausting path however will get you to places that will blow your mind. 

That's the story of life. You have to challenge yourself constantly, put yourself and your limits to the test and grit your teeth now and then to go beyond your limits. But your rewards, the feeling you get after having exceeded your limitations and reaping the benefits will make up for any hardship and make great memories.

Stay brave, focussed and just a bit crazy. Then, everything will be alright and fall into place!

Yours, Leevke



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