Well before Felix took his backpack 2.0 to Heritage Barbers Freiburg creating beautiful photos for its launch, he found out if the backpack 2.0 could hold its own at altitude. Kathmandu, Nepal, was the perfect spot for a backpack claiming to be dapper & cool everywhere, anytime.
We show you all the new features and details of backpack 2. We have modernized and optimized this beautiful and internationally popular compagnon for you. Classic looks with innovation you can feel but not see immediately.
Swarovski Optics, global specialist in long-range optical instruments of the highest precision adds the new CL Companion Nomad to the brand's binocular lineup. And the bag of choice for this incredible product is made by compagnon.
We know that you can only believe something if you get to see & feel it for ourselves. The special appeal of our bags and backpacks might be one of those things. So when we actually got the chance to be part of PhotoPlus Expo 2018 in NYC we couldn't afford to hesitate.
Responsible production and our desire to incorporate the best possible craftsmanship into our products is an essential part of what compagnon stands for. To show you we’re playing for keeps we’re taking you to our workshop to give you a chance to actually see where your compagnon bag was made.
Matt is a true legend among the Youtube photography gurus. If you want to find out about great equipment and how to use it in the best possible way, he's the one to listen to. Today, he's taken time for an interview with us.
We were together with Max Leitner in Belgium to find abandoned lost places. There we accompanied Max in shooting, exploring & working with the video camera.
Get a sneak peek inside our IT dept. and find out why and how we've moved on to the new compagnon site & webstore. An intense time with a lot of changes, challenges and long nights lies behind us. So it's finally time to celebrate.
I had a project about Bangladesh on my mind. A country that doesn't appear in any travel guide. I was interested in something very special. The largest mangrove forests in the world and the people living there.
Today we have a talk with an talented photographer for especially portrait shootings. Hardly anyone is as friendly as he is. Welcome Marco ter Beek.
We get a lot of messages asking about the status of the new explorer backpack. Especially by our supporters on Kickstarter. We want to inform you with the newest informations when the explorers will arrive. Again, the entire compagnon team thanks you for your support!
We introduce the project Meine-Holzbox.de, meaning my wooden box. They're coming from a region nearby and producing personalized boxes for photos or photo books in the best possible quality.
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