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The new backpack models


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They've barely arrived and still they're already on their way to you. Eager to experience adventures, mastering shootings or simply being out and about with you. Your countless votes during our model casting poll gave us a hard time to decide on a single winner and bringing only one new model to our product lineup. So we at compagnon did what real compagnons tend to do: We went flat out. Starting today we're offering all six originally presented prototype models in our lineup. And we've added another one on top of that. New looks for a timeless design
The new color combinations are based, as always, on our beloved German bull leather, but starting now there are also models featuring dark brown leather. Our traditional Scottish canvas manufacturer created the new color set that compliments our stunning backpack design. The grey, yellow, orange and red canvas colors wowed you folks online and at photokina fare so we knew we were on the right way.

Lucky number seven, the add on model not included in the casting, blends black leather and grey canvas. Its urban camouflage look is a perfect roundup to the new backpack edition.

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The seven new models have a chance to win a rare starting position in our established product range. So we won't guarantee your favorite model to be available beyond the first batch. All models are available in small numbers only so they might sell out quickly. Please take note of our well-meant advice: If your hearts set on a certain color combination, make sure to order as soon as possible. Even if the respective model will be eligible for another batch, it won't be available on short notice. Orders that can't be delivered immediately are automatically put on pre-order status. Incoming date of your order determines delivery priority for the next available batch.

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