In detail: Element sling 11

Im Detail: Element sling 11

The Element Sling 11 is the lightest compagnon shoulder bag and absolutely ideal for compact equipment. It is a hybrid between a sling and a classic shoulder bag. It can be carried practically on the side and can also be worn with a short strap on the back thanks to its padded back panel with breathable 3D AirMesh. Even this compact bag still has a roll-top for additional everyday luggage, making it extremely practical to use. In this detailed post, we provide all the information and answer all the questions we have received so far. Perhaps this will help you decide which element suits you best:

¿? What exactly does sling mean? Is the Sling 11 a sling or a shoulder bag?

☞ The Sling 11 offers something of both worlds. Typically, the Sling 11 is worn on the side of the body like a classic shoulder bag. However, thanks to its strap geometry, it can also be worn on the back with the strap adjusted to a short length. It features a comfortably padded back panel with breathable 3D AirMesh. Thanks to its variable shoulder pad and the supple, tear-resistant vehicle strap, you can swing the bag forward at any time and access your equipment in a matter of moments.


¿? Will the Sling 11 also be available as a larger Sling 13 version?

☞ We are not currently planning to add a medium size to the Sling lineup. Thanks to its low weight, compact dimensions and carrying positions, the Sling 11 feels very compact during every activity and movement and never restricts you. The stowage area is therefore always large enough for compact equipment and is also usefully supplemented with the everyday area in the roll-top. The lightest shoulder bag from compagnon really has a lot to offer. If you need more space, the Sling 15 is an excellent companion.

¿? I know compagnon for leather products. Why is the Element Line now available without any leather?

☞ We love our leather collection and many owners, some even from the very beginning in 2013, love it just as much. But even though compagnon leather is robust, natural and highly water-repellent, we wanted to go one step further for the demanding, functional outdoor sector. We wanted a vegan alternative that would not only save weight but also offer the highest level of protection for equipment and durability. XPac offers us all this and more.


¿? What kind of material is XPac and why does it look so unusual?

☞ The outer skin of the Element Line is mainly made of XPac canvas. It is packed with the latest innovations and is used by the world's top sailing teams as a racing sail. Developed by the world market leader DP in Kempen near Düsseldorf, XPac offers a number of advantages: XPac is a very light but high-strength and robust laminate. The multi-layer structure ensures that XPac cannot be physically penetrated by water. This means that we can dispense with coatings that are often harmful to the environment and the waterproofness does not wear off. Thanks to the XPly, the reinforced X-structure inside the laminate, the fabric is extremely strong and can withstand enormous loads, especially in outdoor use. Even stubborn dirt can hardly stick to the surface and can usually be simply wiped off. If you are now wondering why this incredible material is not generally used for outdoor products: Unfortunately, this performance comes at a price that exceeds common fabrics by a factor of 5-10. But your satisfaction and our vision are worth it.

¿? Will the Element Line be available in other colors in the future?

☞ We are not currently planning any additional colors. The unique high-tech outer material X-Pac is generally only produced in a few colors, so adding more colors would be extremely time-consuming and extremely expensive. Therefore, we are leaving the color range at the currently available and super versatile options Volcano Black (beautifully subtle) and Desert Brown (classy and yet not too conspicuous).

¿? Is the Element Sling 11 waterproof?

☞ Waterproof bags must not let any liquid into the interior, even under water. Of course, this does not even apply to the Element Line. The XPac material of our Elements is completely waterproof in itself, but of course this does not apply to the entire bag. The YKK Aquaguard zippers as well as the other materials are extremely water-repellent and can easily keep out almost any precipitation. Since the Sling 11, as the lightest compagnon, is an ideal companion for city trips and similar tours, there is no additional rain cover for it. The Element Sling 15 and Element Backpack are designed more for outdoor/hiking use and therefore come with a cover for heavy rain or muddy/dirty conditions lasting several hours.


¿? There is a Velcro fastener at the top of the roll-top area that closes tightly. Can I avoid the Velcro noise if necessary?

☞ Of course you can. Even though the roll-top strap reliably closes a carefully folded roll-top, we wanted to offer the additional security of an extra barrier. But the Velcro fastener naturally has a silencer function. When open, it can be folded down and fixed, so you can access the roll-top area silently.

¿? How is the roll-top area separated from the main storage compartment?

☞ With the Element Sling 11, you can use both storage areas separately at any time or open the divider with a zipper and load larger items through it. This divider is very flexible and can also provide some space from above and below when closed. The divider can effectively separate a damp rain jacket from the equipment, but of course does not offer sufficient security for leaking drinks bottles. There is a practical bottle holder on the outside of the Element Sling 11 for this purpose.


Do you have another question about the Element Sling 11 that we haven't answered here? Then take a look at our tutorial video on the sling 11 or simply send us an email with your question. We will be happy to help you there. If you have any questions about the Element Sling 15 or Element backpack, take a look at our detailed posts about these models on our blog. Best wishes and have fun with your compagnon Element Sling 11!

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