weekender Gen III

Our most majestic carry-on camera leather bag, perfect for traveling and big projects.

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The most impressive leather camera bag from compagnon, handmade for traveling and large projects with lots of equipment. Ideal for several bodies or a film camera & lenses. The weekender is still suitable for hand luggage.

Color: "Light brown"
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Genuine leather
Detachable shoulder strap
Freely customizable storage space
Reliable camera protection
Sturdy & water-repellent
Rucksack / TascheParticularly stylish & timeless
Pure natural materials
Easy handling

Travel bag and camera bag perfectly combined.

A dapper travel duffle handmade from the finest natural leather is something special. Once there is a camera gear to be added to clothes and shoes, organization inside the bag is usually a mess.

The weekender looks just like that unique leather duffle from the outside but can be adapted to any kind of luggage within seconds and maintain that organization. Have a huge kit for a job or carry clothes, toiletries and your Leica Q3? Your plans, your choice.

Convenient cabin size

Flexible storage space with various setup options, adaptable in seconds as required and still within most cabin-size dimensions.

Large storage and access

The weekender is perfect for bulky cameras like medium format or pro film setups. Ideal protection, organization and overview.

Padded laptop compartment

Softly padded, separate laptop compartment with leather strap. Even big enough for a 16" Macbook Pro for work on the go.

Comfortable shoulder strap

Additional shoulder pad for extra carrying comfort. Removable if required, just like the belt itself.

Trolley-/suitcase mount

The rear side suitcase mount makes sure the weekender can be fastened to your rolling luggage. Travel light & easy.

Empty / Equipped

Plenty of storage space for your flow

With fully customizable storage space, you can travel with the weekender and pack a mirrorless camera and plenty of clothes. Or build up the storage space for gear that can meet the needs of any project.


Pro Video Setup


The timeless travel bag

In addition to first-class craftsmanship, it takes equally fabulous materials and parts to withstand the ravages of time for many years.

From the outside, the compagnon weekender looks like a casual duffle travel bag that is stylish & never out of place.

Whether you load your weekender with a lot of gear or mainly carry clothes for a short trip, it makes no difference from the outside and inside.

The interior padding can be easily converted or completely removed, depending on your plans. A large camera bag for even bulky systems, created with the finest craftsmanship.

Function in a classic look

Combining comfortable and useful details for creative everyday life with a traditional design is an art.

Our weekender comes into its own when filled with an extensive camera kit on demanding jobs, weddings or safaris. A "mobile armory", as its owners call it. Whenever great preparation, organization and full overview is crucial.

If you don't want to check-in your camera setup for a flight, the weekender meets common cabin size dimensions. Due to its look it offers passive security as it does not look like a camera bag from the outside.

With its large, separately padded laptop compartment, it qualifies as a great compagnon for your business travel needs.

Generation III materials

Regional bull leather

Naturally tanned compagnon leather from southern Germany is something special. The feel, look and durability are fabulous and just right for leather lovers. The robustness of this material and all its components gives your compagnon a very long life.

All parts that look like solid metal are solid metal. The smooth-running zippers from top manufacturer YKK ensure playful use.

For long-term weather resistance, suppleness and durability, an organic leather care product such as our homemade beewax can be used.

If the word 'or' doesn't belong to your kit...

the weekender does belong to you.