Models wanted!

Models Gesucht!

With compagnon Ambassador Marco Schwarz, wedding couples from all over the world queue up to be skillfully staged by him. Now Marco is also active in the fashion and brand sector and brings his incomparable style to this sophisticated genre.

Now you have the unique opportunity to stand in front of the camera for compagnon and Marco Schwarz and capture the coveted, exclusive results of you (and your partner) for eternity. What will you do? During the shoot by and with Marco Schwarz, you will pose with various compagnon products, among other things. The compagnon team will also be there to record the shoot in a behind-the-scenes video and capture additional photos. The aim is to take classic portrait shots as well as full-body shots. When? Tuesday, July 04, 2017, all day. Where? In the Landau area in the Palatinate. There are wonderful settings in nature and historic towns here. Are you... between 25 and 35 years old? Are you interested in professional photos for your model portfolio, your private collection or your social media profiles? Are you open, do you like being in front of the camera, do you enjoy posing and staging yourself? Do you have a special look or style, but also feel comfortable in jeans and a shirt and have nothing planned for July 4th? Then you could stand in front of our cameras. Or as a couple... Are you a couple (m/f) and do you both meet the above requirements? Do you harmonize together in front of the camera and want a great photo series of yourselves? Then we look forward to receiving your application. The results After the shoot you will receive your selection of pictures as a digital print or print.

Application period closed

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