Responsibility in wood and leather

Verantwortung aus Holz und Leder

It takes a lot of strength to achieve something great. And it has rarely been as difficult to achieve something good together as it is at the moment. Many people are losing sight of what is beautiful, what is special and especially what is happening right around them. By focusing on our own path, on the next step, we often lose sight of our greatest strength, which is the ability to join forces in pursuit of a common goal. And our values and aspirations too. compagnon has been in existence since 2013. We have documented our history and our development for you in the best possible way from the very beginning. But what we always like to reaffirm is how important contact with our fans, customers, friends, partners and all creative people out there is to us and what our values are. We stand for the highest possible transparency, purely natural materials of the highest quality, fair wages and production conditions that are personally controlled by us, the most careful manual work, the support of regional businesses and suppliers and maximum ecological efficiency and responsibility. And we do it with pride. Our home region, the Black Forest, as well as the south of Germany offer & can do a lot. Numerous innovations and ideas originate from here, which are reflected in our products today. We therefore always keep our eyes and ears open to find out what's new in our environment, our homeland. This is how we sometimes learn about products made from natural raw materials from the region that can bring a very special feeling to the customer. And we know this feeling very well because we strive for it ourselves with compagnon. As wood is not the same as leather is not the same as leather, we will now say a few words about, an extraordinary project not far from our home. Here, personalized boxes for photos and photo books are created, which have quickly won the hearts of many wedding photographers in particular. From the handmade production in the beautiful Allgäu region to the pure, untreated natural wood, we see a strong affinity with what compagnon has always been. But Tobias, founder of Meine-Holzbox and part-time wedding photographer, has an important job in his everyday life: He looks after people with multiple disabilities in a workshop facility that allows these people to be involved in an activity, teach them skills, encourage them in this process and give them a self-perception as an active and fully-fledged part of society.

This wood workshop employs 34 people with individual abilities, limitations and needs, which can and must be addressed individually. Each employee thus develops together with the most suitable work step for him or her. Not all employees can live away from the workshop without special support, but their tasks and activities give them a steady increase in independence in life after work. The quality of the resulting product is absolutely amazing and special, and not just from this point of view. Whether it's a present box for printed photo prints or entire photo books, there is hardly a more beautiful presentation. The compagnon team itself has experience in dealing and working with people with physical & mental disabilities and we firmly believe that the importance of such offers and these activities are often vastly underestimated or wrongly kept in the background. In a society that necessarily focuses at least one eye on the efficiency and performance of each individual, we want to do our utmost to give people who would not be able to survive in this structure a chance to contribute despite their handicap and to promote their self-worth and development in the process. For this reason, we are enthusiastic about the idea that photographers, creative people and the customers who ultimately receive the gift of their own memories in such a wooden box can in turn give other people a task, perspective, future and support that would otherwise usually be denied them. We say that these ideals, this thought, this wish is simply very compagnon. That's why we join hands. To show how strong we are together and what a difference we can make. Thanks to you, dear fans, compagnon has developed magnificently so far and hopefully will continue to do so.
Please remember that happiness, special moments & love are the only things that increase when you share them. By choosing a compagnon product, you are not only supporting German and European family & traditional businesses that contribute to our products, but also the meaningful work of our partners. compagnon is pleased to be one of the official supporters of

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