5000 Facebook Fans - We thank you!

5000 Facebook Fans - Wir Danken Euch!

5000 Facebook fans - 5000 compagnons

We are grateful & want to give something back.

Fans and followers are not everything, but of course we are happy about every fan who appreciates compagnon, our products and our values and wants to stay up to date on what we are creating for you and what we are working on. To our delight, we have been able to convince many creative people of compagnon or inspire them with the special attitude to life, especially in recent weeks and months.

When we realized that we were proudly approaching the 5000-fan mark, we thought about how we wanted to celebrate this milestone. Of course, the most important compagnons, you out there, should be there as directly as possible, experience it and also have a reason to celebrate. As transparency, responsibility and open honesty are generally very important at compagnon, we would like to come back to the important advertising agency that developed this campaign for the 5000 milestone during a project trip to the Maldives (see video).

We need to correct a few facts: The leading advertising agency in question honestly consists of our small team meeting; the two-week luxury trip to the Maldives was more of an afternoon coffee in our showroom in the Black Forest, albeit in glorious sunshine. And although (or perhaps because) we didn't use these resources, we quickly came up with a highly complicated concept: 1. smoke bombs and 2. Bengal fires.

A few hours later, the shoot began. In other words: three guys meet in the Black Forest at night, the compagnon backpacks full of camera equipment and some everyday pyrotechnics for domestic use. The rest was provided by our home, the town of Pforzheim, and the highest elevation in the area. Even before we had lit the first flare, we could see the advertising and media gods in the large corporations trembling. You can see everything that happened next in the video.

To say thank you, you have the chance to win a compagnon backpack with two clicks on the compagnon Facebook channel. You heard that right. A great prize for a great milestone.

We look forward to the future that compagnon can look forward to thanks to your support and will continue to do everything we can to inspire you and impress you with our ideas, products and news. Finally, on the subject of "giving everything", a little note: Vitalis has survived and is doing well ;-)

With cheers from the heart, your compagnons!

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