compagnon of inspiration - Part 9: Ben Hammer

compagnon der Inspiration - Teil 9:  Ben Hammer

In this issue, the photography is a little more colorful than usual. Because its creator is also a colorful character from the Rhine metropolis of Cologne. He only got into photography in 2012 and is enthusiastic about a wide range of motifs. to inspire. He puts a lot of effort into running his blog and always receives guests himself. This time we turn the tables and say 'hello' to

"compagnon of inspiration" - Part 9


compagnon: Hi Ben and welcome to our blog. There's a lot going on on your blog and there's always a lot of design involved, be it in your look or your work. Are you at all enthusiastic about older, analog technology?

Ben Hammer: No, I'm purely digital. That's my age. I have absolutely no idea about analog.

compagnon: So would you describe your style as futuristic and modern? Does it reflect your personality?

Ben Hammer: I think my style is very raw, authentic and unadulterated. This perhaps makes it feel more like a personal memento of an encounter and less like "real" photography. _DSF1694-sandra-legends

compagnon: You only got into photography in 2012. What camera did you use? And what do you wear today?

Ben Hammer: I started with a 550D from Canon, which I stopped enjoying just a few months later. Then came the EOS 6D, which stayed with me longer. It was the Fuji X100s that changed everything. Today, I only carry the Fuji X100T and my iPhone around with me.

compagnon: A great shot needs a certain amount of inspiration and the right subject. How do you find these things for yourself?

Ben Hammer: I usually get my inspiration from people and everyday life. Films and the work of other photographers also inspire me, of course, but first and foremost it's about having a good time with my fellow human beings. As for the subjects, I find it hard to describe exactly. I think I'm very susceptible to atmosphere, emotion and natural intimacy.

kim-benhammer-cologne-field-1200px-9646 compagnon: Are there any artists/photographers you can look up to?

Ben Hammer: Paul Ripke is a role model for me in many ways. Apart from that, of course, I also like the work of Martin Schöller or Magdalena Wosinska, whose work I can lose myself in for the longest time.

compagnon: Speaking of personal favorites... Is there a favorite shot among your works and if so, why?

Ben Hammer: Yes, there is. I really like this black and white shot. Firstly because Olaf Heine liked it and Mara (the model) never actually wears a bun ;)

_DSF5720-mara-benhammer-1000px compagnon: With the Fuji and the iPhone, your everyday equipment isn't massive. What makes good equipment for you? Have you ever had any negative experiences with the technology?

Ben Hammer: Good equipment does its job without being annoying or conspicuous. That's particularly important to me with bags! With a camera, it's always an advantage if it brings you into conversation with the subject - like the Fuji, for example. A MagicLantern once drained the batteries of my backup camera, leaving me without power at an event. That wasn't so cool.


compagnon: Apart from this unpleasant experience, is there a particularly vivid memory you have of a shoot?

Ben Hammer: It was a nude picture of Johanna, shot in a lagoon on Mallorca. It didn't fit my actual style at all, but the day was almost over. Everyone wanted to go home and I had actually consumed far too much beer during the day. Nevertheless, we went ahead with it and Johanna had to splash around in the lagoon for an hour while I climbed over the cliffs in flip-flops and shouted around. But the result is okay.

compagnon: Thanks for your visit, the nice chat and the impressions, Ben. We wish you continued success with your blog and hope you enjoy your work.

All images were made available to us by Ben Hammer and are subject to copyright You can find more from Ben Hammer at


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