Customer feedback: Mark Sauer

Kundenfeedback: Mark Sauer

Some time ago, we once again received an email with customer feedback. These messages always delight us and are taken very seriously.

We will therefore be sharing particularly inspiring, enriching and informative letters with you from time to time. Perhaps you will find your own user experience in one or two of the lines...

Letter from Mark Sauer Photography:


I'm moody, picky, and rarely satisfied. Over the years, I've tried everything there is to try when it comes to camera bags: Backpack, waist belt system, shoulder bag. The latter is particularly practical at weddings. But I wasn't happy with the look of my black "cloth" bag in the long term either. Then I discovered the manufacturer "compagnon"; bags made from genuine buffalo leather. A genuine German product (and made in the EU), whose ingenious inventors have created something special not far from here. A perfect bag. A little extravagant, I admit it. At the last wedding of the season, I finally had it on my shoulder. I don't regret a single day with it. The longer I have it with me, use it, put it down, open it, close it, fill it, empty it, the more it starts to come alive. The Messenger (name of the model) takes on character. Scratches. Nicks. Stains from acid rain. The leather becomes softer and softer. The lid, it falls like a ball gown when you close it. Heavy and yet so soft. That smell. Every time I open the cupboard in which it is stored, it overwhelms me anew. So intense. It doesn't make me look like a photo hog; it's inconspicuous on the outside and practical on the inside, and I recently had it with me in Berlin. I was sitting on the subway at night and found myself touching it for minutes; the feel of real material. So soft, so delicate.

My companions looked at me askance. I smiled calmly. "You don't understand."

Yes, I stand by that. I love her! She's perfect. No irony. Dedication. Passion.

compagnon would like to thank Mark Sauer Fotografie for this letter and wishes you continued enjoyment with the messenger.
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