medium messenger Gen III

Practical, handmade leather camera bag for urban adventures. Robust, comfortable & casual.

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The handmade leather camera bag for urban adventures, spacious enough for up to two mirrorless cameras with 2-4 lenses + laptop. Robust, comfortable and visually discreet.

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Genuine leather
Freely customizable storage space
Rucksack / TascheParticularly stylish & timeless
Pure natural materials
Silent security clasp
Easy handling
Sturdy & water-repellent
Reliable camera protection

The happy medium.

One main flap. Quick and easy to open. Equipment always at hand. That's what makes a messenger. Built-in 360° padding for ideal protection goes without saying.

If the focus of your setup is to be efficient and preserve carrying comfort, the medium messenger if your perfect leather compagnon. Spacious enough to be versatile but also small enough to keep you from overpacking.

For any short holiday or city trip you can take all the kit along you'll actually use. The happiest medium ever.

Innovative closure

This Fidlock fastener from Germany automatically engages magnetically and opens effortlessly with a gentle pull downwards.

Trolley strap & handle

Simply attach to the frame of a trolley case and travel light and relaxed with your equipment

Separately padded laptop compartment

separate padded laptop compartment, suitable for Macbook Pro in 13 & 14 inch.

Comfortable shoulder strap

Additional shoulder pad for extra carrying comfort. Generously adjustable in length for any desired carrying style

A place for everything

With versatile, separate zipper pockets at the front and back, you'll never run out of organization options in everyday life.

Photo inside. Style outside.

In addition to first-class craftsmanship, it takes equally fabulous materials and parts to withstand the ravages of time for many years.

With the medium messenger, only a silently operating main flap stands between your hand and your camera. Depending on the packed gear it molds around your hip nicely and is great to carry, even zigzagging through the city.

Ideally suited for setups with 1-2 mirrorless systems, including popular portrait lenses or travel zooms. The versatile padding keeps everything in the right place. If the equipment is smaller, there is still room for snacks and a water bottle for the day on the go.

As it offers a padded compartment for a laptop up to 13 or 14 inch size, working on the go, changing offices and so on is no challenge. Its footprint never gets in the way and remains handily agile.

Enough to fit your world.

Combining comfortable and useful details for creative everyday life with a traditional design is an art.

The medium messenger is not made to just get you from your doorstep to the set. Its storage is designed for equipment that you would actually like to carry around the world without having to leave essentials at home. It sits on your hip ready to access and is durable enough to cope with the urban jungle. Or the actual one.

Its look also offers passive security, as it doesn't look like a camera bag. If the medium messenger is too small or too big for your equipment, the messenger, little messenger and nano messenger might be the ideal size for your purpose in both directions.

Generation III materials

Regional bull leather

Naturally tanned compagnon leather from southern Germany is something special. The feel, look and durability are fabulous and just right for leather lovers. The robustness of this material and all its components gives your compagnon a very long life.

All parts that look like solid metal are solid metal. The smooth-running zippers from top manufacturer YKK make for easy use. All 3rd generation messengers come with the new main flap, which is also lined with leather on the inside. This means even more protection and always a clean bag inside.

For long-term weather resistance, suppleness and durability, an organic leather care product such as our homemade beewax can be used.

Prefer Small or Large?

Uhm, medium.