little weekender Gen III

Compact leather weekender with large access opening & ample interior space for bulky cameras.

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The most compact photo weekender, but with a large access opening and ample interior space for bulky cameras. Can be carried on the shoulder or attached to a trolley, suitable for hand luggage and with an elegant, smart travel bag look.

Color: "Light brown"
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Genuine leather
Detachable shoulder strap
Freely customizable storage space
Reliable camera protection
Sturdy & water-repellent
Rucksack / TascheParticularly stylish & timeless
Pure natural materials
Easy handling

More than square, practical, good.

The most compact home for equipment with large medium format systems or multiple bodies and lenses.

The little weekender looks like a stylish, small duffle from the outside, but can be adapted to very different equipment on the inside. The top opening provides a perfect overview of the entire contents and does not restrict access.

Handy mini duffle

Flexible storage space with various padding options even for bulky cameras, but still practically compact.

Practical storage space & access

The little weekender is perfect for bulky cameras up to medium format. Ideal protection, organization & overview.

Padded laptop compartment

Softly padded, separate laptop compartment with leather straps. There is even room for a 14" Macbook Pro.

Comfortable shoulder strap

Additional shoulder pad for extra carrying comfort. Removable if required, just like the belt itself.

Trolley/suitcase fixation

With this strap you can transport your weekender on your trolley/rolling suitcase. Travel relaxed & light.

Empty / Equipped

Overview and access like the big players

A small duffle that is not too big for a short trip and everyday use. Padding out, everyday life in. Or put the padding in and simply have a large piece of equipment with you.


Per photo setup


All Pro. Any day. Anywhere.

In addition to first-class craftsmanship, it takes equally fabulous materials and parts to withstand the ravages of time for many years.
From the outside, the compagnon little weekender looks like a casual duffle travel bag that is stylish & never out of place.

Whether you load your little weekender with equipment or fill it with other luggage for a trip, it makes no difference from the outside or inside.

The interior padding can be easily converted or removed completely, depending on your plans. A compact camera bag that is comfortable to carry and yet could even transport a Sony FX6 with lens. Or your Macbook, lunch and everything you'll need for the gym after work.

Compact was never this spacious.

Combining convenient and useful features for creative everyday life within a classic, dapper design is an art.

Our little weekender offers a storage space that covers a huge range of different sized camera systems. It is compact on the outside and minimises the disadvantages of bulky camera bags. It also looks so cool and bespoke.

Thanks to its appearance, it also offers passive security as it doesn't look like a camera bag at all. Also a thief would hardly be able to access your equipment unnoticed anyway.

Thanks to the separately padded laptop compartment, it can even be your perfect companion on a short business trip.

Generation III materials

Regional bull leather

Naturally tanned compagnon leather from southern Germany is something special. The feel, look and durability are fabulous and just right for leather lovers. The robustness of this material and all its components gives your compagnon a very long life.

All parts that look like solid metal are solid metal. The smooth-running zippers from top manufacturer YKK ensure playful use.

For long-term weather resistance, suppleness and durability, an organic leather care product such as our homemade beewax can be used.

If you love a handy carry.

But your plans are rarely compact.