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Stylish camera strap made of German leather with padding & narrow width for compact cameras.

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The stylish, classic camera strap made from naturally tanned South German bull leather and soft padding. Handmade & barely noticeable at 22 millimeters wide, the ideal partner for light/compact cameras.

Color: "Dark brown"
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Genuine leather
Robust & tear-resistant material
adjustable length
comfortable to wear
Rucksack / TascheParticularly stylish & timeless
Easy handling

Finest looks, rugged details

In addition to first-class craftsmanship, it takes equally fabulous materials and parts to withstand the ravages of time for many years.

The strap and bold strap camera straps, handcrafted from our Gen III leather, offer a look that suits every type of camera. They are also comfortable to wear and very durable thanks to the highest quality components. Even if you carry your camera almost 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the extremely tear-resistant ends made of military nylon, you can adjust the strap to any body size and any carrying style. You can shorten any excess strap length yourself if you wish.

The 'strap' version with a width of 22 millimeters is ideal for a compact camera. This strap is easy to carry and just as easy to stow away. For heavy cameras and lenses, there is a 40 millimeter wide version with additional comfort.

Generation III materials

Regional bull leather

Naturally tanned compagnon leather from southern Germany is something special. The feel, look and durability are fabulous and just right for leather lovers. The robustness of this material and all its components gives your compagnon a very long life.

All parts that look like solid metal are solid metal. Thanks to double-layered leather and the best craftsmanship, compagnon straps are always somewhat firm when new. Like a new pair of leather shoes, it takes a short period of wearing in for the strap to mold to you and develop its softness.

For long-term weather resistance, suppleness and durability, an organic leather conditioner such as our homemade beewax can be used. As camera straps in particular are in constant physical contact with you, we only recommend natural, non-toxic leather care.