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Handmade, stylish camera backpack made from German leather & canvas

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Handmade from naturally tanned German leather & weatherproof hybrid canvas from Scotland. The style icon among camera backpacks. Comfortable, practical, robust and with space for plenty of equipment including a 16" Macbook Pro.

Last limited batch of this color variant. No longer available when sold out.

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Pure natural materials
Freely customizable storage space
Expandable roll-top area
Easy handling
Genuine leather
Rucksack / TascheParticularly stylish & timeless
Sturdy & water-repellent
Reliable camera protection

Timeless beauty has never been so practical

The backpack is a stylish companion for many years to come, and not just because of its durable natural leather & genuine canvas from Scotland.

It is no stranger to useful details and versatile storage space. But an unattractive "camera bag look" is.

Plenty of storage space

Flexible storage space with various upholstery options, adaptable in seconds as required. The practical, expandable roll-top can be used separately.

Secure access

You can access your equipment via a large back opening. This provides safety and the best overview.

Padded laptop compartment

Softly padded, separate laptop compartment with leather straps. The pockets for small items can be removed and freely arranged.

Comfortable shoulder straps

Comfortably padded shoulder straps made of natural leather, hug your contours once they are inserted.

Fold-out side compartments

Fold-out side quivers that offer space for large water bottles and tripods & can be stored to save space when you don't need them.

Experience genuine originality

In addition to first-class craftsmanship, it takes fabulous materials and parts to withstand the ravages of time for many years.
The compagnon backpack not only has the timeless look to always look stylish. Everything you touch is natural, robust, handmade and/or cosy. Often everything at the same time.

Protection and safety of your equipment, ease of use and customisability as well as the pleasure of artfully hand-crafted details meet a bespoke look that could hardly be any further removed from a "typical camera backpack".

Usability in classic style

Combining comfortable and useful features for creative everyday life with a traditional design is an art in itself.
Our classic backpack can be worn much more comfortably and for longer than you would expect, even when loaded with extensive camera equipment.

The supple feel of the leather, which moulds to you as you break it in, combined with the built-in padding, keeps you fresh even on longer days.
The versatile storage compartments and rolltop expand as needed and save space when you don't need the extra capacity.

Generation III Fabrics

Bull Leather & Hybrid Canvas

Naturally tanned compagnon leather from southern Germany is something special. The feel, look and durability are fabulous and just the thing for leather lovers. Comfort is also taken care of, as the back panel and straps are comfortably padded. The contours adapt to you as you carry it in.

The stylish manufactured canvas from Scotland complements the timeless look. The Hybrid Wax technology is new: it puts an end to waxy fingers and is less susceptible to soiling. The wax, which is responsible for the enormous weather resistance, is now inside the fiber and stays there.

For the love of the finer things.

And for the protection of the essentials.