Content Guides & Examples for Creators

Your content featuring compagnon

Regardless of whether we are already in touch and going to start something together, or whether you're interested in working with us:

Do you see yourself in a project of the ones listed below? Maybe you're even thinking about blending two types? Then let us know about your plans.

Maybe your work has already been standing out for us and we've suggested some kind of content you could excel at.

Mood Video

You consider emotions and epic shots as your strengths?

Are you planning an interesting trip or a visually stunning project where you want to use your compagnon to capture content that motivates, captivates and will stay with the audience?

Strong cuts, suitable sound and interesting storyline are signature elements of your videos?

You see no difficulty in effectively integrating a product like your compagnon into your video so that the audience remembers it?

Then you could be a suitable creator for a mood video.

Packing & in-Action Video

Are you passionate about the finest equipment? Tech and gear that performs? You're always well prepared for your projects and you're proud of the tools and you're working with?

In that case a compagnon will not only match your high-end kit but also be an awesome start for an impressive packing/what's in my bag video.

Show us and your audience how you use your compagnon, what equipment you can fit and maybe even use different camera systems in the same bag.

Exciting zooms. Paning in, out and over your compagnon. Unique shots that show access and usage of your compagnon in detail.

Does that sound like you? Then you may have what a packing-video creator needs.

Testimonial & Review

You know your compagnon inside out? You're enthusiastic about it and always make use of its full potential and all its features?

Because your gear this well and you're just a personality, your community relies on you when they have questions about a product? They like watching you check out all the details on products?

You're in front of the camera all the time and just a natural presenting and sharing things?

You know how to do an unboxing, a product feature or review that's fun and looks good? You'd love to introduce a special compagnon to your equipment?

So you could be a great review creator.

Feature Detail Video

Your eye for detail is unrivaled. No angle or close-up is too difficult for you to shoot?

You love capturing subtle features in perfect lighting? It's easy for you to focus on the functional, technical and craftsmanship details of your compagnon?

The only thing that brings the audience closer to a compagnon than your video is holding one in their hands themselves?

We might be happy to zoom in on your idea for a detailed feature video.

Image Content

We also need and love content from talented photographers.

An individual, interesting style and a strong, creative eye are definitely important.

Some shots are unique and can only be captured for half a second. But you also need an eye for detail and the product.

So if you have more time, you should pay attention to the presentation of your companion. Your companion should look easily recognizable, sufficiently exposed, clean and tidy. Open pockets, dangling straps etc. simply don't fit on promo photos.

If you immediately understand what we mean by this, let's talk about a photo content cooperation.