Our black and unique camera bag for women...

Unsere schwarze und einzigartige Kameratasche für Frauen...

It's taken a few weeks, oh what - months longer for us to finally welcome YOU to our compagnon family. Who is it all about? When we presented our "unique", probably the most beautiful camera bag for women, to you last fall, we quickly realized that we absolutely wanted to have this gem in a black version with golden metal parts. Now, of course, you might spontaneously think, what could be so difficult about it and why did it take so long... Well, the black leather was quickly found (it's the same black leather as the messenger, little messenger and weekender). But, not all gold is the same. In terms of color, that is. There are so many different shades of gold and it took a while until we had all the samples. In addition, we also wanted to use zippers from YKK (the best zippers in the world) for our new photo bag for women. Incidentally, YKK zippers are now also used in the light brown unique.

Long story short - it's finally here and can be admired and purchased directly from and can be admired and purchased directly in our store. By the way - last week we made a little dream come true. We bought two special sewing machines for leather processing from PFAFF. Up to now, we have always done the designs in our office and the prototypes at our manufacturer's premises. Everything has always run smoothly and efficiently on site, but we would like to try out more different things in the near future and "spin around" a bit... IMG_2020Since October, we have also had a wonderful designer who spent her internship semester with us. The collaboration with Aline worked so well that she is now continuing to make prototypes and designs for us... The huge advantage with Aline is that she is already a trained goldsmith and has been designing accessories for years and, above all, has a perfect command of our new sewing machines. We are looking forward to the coming weeks and months - there is still a lot to come !


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