Portrait shoot at Stilpiraten in the Heidestudio...

Portraitshooting beim Stilpiraten im Heidestudio...

A few days ago, we posted on Facebook that there was a new "about us" section on our homepage. At the same time, we also wrote that we needed some decent photos... it was a mixture of fun and seriousness.

Peter Becker, one of our fans on Facebook, then came up with the glorious idea of having the photos taken by Stilpiraten. I can't believe we didn't think of this earlier and, above all, didn't think of it ourselves... I probably don't need to mention again at this point that we now have a very close friendship with Steffen, but I will anyway. Steffen even currently has a strictly limited stilpiraten weekender version (which is almost out of stock) in our store... IMG_0456 So last week we combined the useful with the beautiful. We were at Calumet's in-house exhibition in Hamburg anyway, which was great by the way, and so we arrived a day early and visited Steffen once again in his still more than pretty Heidestudio... I have to say - the fall, the yellow leaves in his garden, grapes growing up the walls, the style pirate has done something right... But we were there "to work"... IMG_0535-1280px

IMG_0533-1280px compagnon-founders-vitalis-valentin-camerabag Within a few minutes, Steffen once again made it clear why he is currently one of the best booked photography coaches in Germany. He quickly adjusted the light, took a few photos of each of us, put them in Lightroom, selected the favorites and edited them in Photoshop... The whole procedure probably took less than an hour and now we finally have absolutely high-quality photos that we will certainly use on many occasions... Thanks Steffen.


It is always great to come back to #hamburg. For us it is one of the most beautiful #cities of #germany. #compagnon #compagnonaroundtheglobe #camerabag #photobag #camerabag #hyperlapse #autobahn

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Thanks again to Christina for the delicious food and the soft beds in the studio! :-) If you want to find out more about Steffen, you should check out his blog: www.stilpirat.de compagnon-founder-vitalis-valentin

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