Swarovski optics X compagnon

Swarovski Optik X compagnon

Since 1949, fine, first-class binoculars, telescopes and riflescopes have been built in Absam, Tyrol. And in Birkenfeld in the Black Forest, they make fine, first-class leather bags for cameras and optics. The connection is immediately recognizable.

Now Swarovski Optik has added a new model to the CL binoculars range, bringing breathtaking optics, ergonomics and elegance through fine leather armoring. We are honored that Swarovski Optik has now chosen compagnon to develop a suitable carrying case for the new CL Companion NOMAD. Here we were able to apply our know-how and craftsmanship to ideally complement this compact optical gem and offer the lucky owner a transport solution that is both functional and practical as well as aesthetically and haptically appealing.

The very fine leather armoring of the CL Companion NOMAD is handmade directly in Austria and carefully sewn to the binoculars. Together with Swarovski Optik, we have developed a bag that follows our compagnon design language, but is nevertheless ideally suited to the CL Companion NOMAD. We were very happy to take on the challenge of matching our southern German compagnon bull leather to the color of the NOMAD in a special series.

The new CL Companion NOMAD was developed to appeal to all the user's senses and to elicit enthusiasm beyond the mere visual experience. We set ourselves the same goal with our own products. On this basis, we were able to establish a successful collaboration, characterized by mutual passion and enthusiasm for the final result.
Fine leather bags with a proud hawk on the front are now leaving our sewing room for the first time. The hawk has been Swarovski Optik's company logo since 1949. This native bird of prey combines values such as durability, timelessness and naturalness. We at compagnon also capitalize all these things, precisely because we usually prefer lower case for our products.

You would think that for the new CL Companion NOMAD, everything that belongs together has come together to create a wonderful result.
Do you also enjoy nature and are even looking for elegant binoculars of the highest quality?
Then the CL Companion NOMAD is the best possible companion for you: Directly to the Swarovski Optik Shop

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