The new backpack 2.0

Der neue backpack 2.0

We're opening a new chapter with our globally popular backpack. For years the most successful compagnon of all, highly praised for its comfort and stylish look, it is now entering generation 2. We have listened to your feedback, your impressions and your criticism and have given everything to develop an even better, more comfortable and more practical successor for you.
What makes the new model generation so special?
What can the new backpack 2.0 do?

We couldn't change an icon like the backpack lightly. Its mix of materials has always been part of its DNA, which is why Scottish canvas and our natural bull leather from Germany will continue to be combined in the future.
But the canvas fiber is no longer from the past. But from today. Our new hybrid canvas literally has it all. Namely the wax. This is no longer on the outside, but is enclosed in the fiber.
This not only makes the backpack 2.0 much easier to care for and less susceptible to dirt. Despite its identical robustness and water resistance, the new canvas is also particularly impressive on the scales. Including all the new features that we present to you here, we have been able to reduce the weight by around 10 % for you.
Dirt, rain and the like no longer have an easy time of it, which is why the new backpack only develops a minimal patina. If you love the unique patina of waxed canvas, you can of course also create this traditional look with the new backpack by further waxing from the outside.

The base cap has been reinforced to make it even more stable. No matter how heavy you load it, the front of the base cap remains stable and does not buckle. The partition wall between the roll-top and the photo storage compartment has also been given more stability. Thanks to a larger, redesigned Velcro fastening surface, it now sits more securely in the rucksack and makes the roll-top even more usable. To provide even more quickly available storage space for small items, you will now find a generous zipper pocket on each side and there are now also fixing straps for your tripod on both sides.

Ergonomics and carrying comfort are an essential aspect for a backpack. After all, you should feel comfortable with the backpack 2.0 even on longer trips. The new backpack has been able to make further improvements here thanks to more efficient padding on the shoulder straps. The optional hip belt 'the waistbelt' has also been completely redesigned and can now shift more weight to the hips. A welcome relief for your back. The new waistbelt will be available in a few weeks. Of course, we also took another close look at the chest strap. It is now held in place by leather straps and is therefore always ready to hand. We have also added practical thumb loops at the end of the shoulder straps, making it quicker and easier for you to adjust the backpack.

Last but not least, there is a dash of color to counteract the gray theory. The very popular green/light brown and gray/light brown combinations remain in the range. But the backpack 2 is also available in sand/dark brown, very subtle all-black and, brand new, in the timeless combination of dark blue & light brown.

The remaining stock of the red and orange colors of the predecessor is still available at a special price while stocks last. So don't wait too long if these colors have captured your heart.
We are looking forward to your feedback and look forward to continuing the legend of the 'backpack' from the Black Forest, the coolest of its kind.

Photography by Felix Groteloh at Heritage Barbershop Freiburg

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