Photokina - are we in or out?

Photokina - sind wir jetzt dabei oder nicht?

Over the last few days and weeks, we have received a number of emails from you asking where our stand is located, whether we will be at Photokina at all, and so on. To answer this important question right away - no, we will not be represented with our own stand at Photokina. Why? You're probably wondering now. Well, there are several reasons:

We are still a small start-up. We have done the math. If we take the stand rental, the stand itself (design, materials, construction, etc.), the costs on site (accommodation, catering, etc.) and simply add it all up, then we come up with quite a tidy sum. We have decided to invest this money elsewhere, e.g. in the development of new bags and products, in a constantly available stock, perhaps we want to feature one or two up-and-coming photographers in their photo projects in the near future, etc. Yes, it's true - we would also prefer to take everything with us, but we want to focus on the points mentioned above. Yes, we will miss out on a huge number of valuable contacts. Yes, that could happen, but maybe not. So far, we have always been able to make super interesting people and business contacts through more or less effort. Sure, we probably won't meet the Leica retailer who has his store in a mall or shopping street in Dubai, Tokyo or Shanghai quite by chance, but all in good time."It comes as it comes and it will be as it will be", as Allan Karlsson once said. not an affiliate link, but still a great book said... And so we will continue to trust our intuition and fate. Let's say that Photokina 2016 is our long-term goal (our longest-term goal so far). God willing and we all live and everything else works out, we'll have our stand there. And no, tickets are not yet on sale ;-) But the good news (for us at least) is that we will be out and about as visitors on Wednesday and Thursday. You are very welcome to chat to us if you see us anywhere... We will also be at the "German Wedding Meet-Up" on Wednesday evening. If you are a wedding photographer, then you should definitely not miss it. There will be a compagnon messenger to give away. If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that we don't give away compagnon bags very often. You can register here(follow the link). Many thanks to Suk-Jae from the weddingpilots, Björn Wessel and many others who are taking care of the organization... So we plan the two days quite full, we want to see a lot, meet a lot of people and just let the whole thing come to us a bit. Why are you going to Photokina? Which camera, which product, which service are you excited about?

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