The journey of the youngest compagnon

Die Reise des jüngsten compagnon

In March, Niels told us his story. A little later, we shared this story with you. A story straight from life. The life of a 15-year-old boy who fell head over heels in love with a compagnon. His passion for his wish made him pursue this dream with all his diligence.

You can read about Niels' path to his dream here...

Now it's time for the compagnon summer party...

For the first time in the company's history, compagnon invites you to the brand new store in Birkenfeld.
On July 15th and 16th, this is the place where compagnon fans and friends (and those who want to become friends), photographers and creatives of all genres meet to experience the world of compagnon. There will also be genuine compagnon one-offs, prototypes and discontinued models to marvel at and buy at bargain prices. Oh yes, we also have snacks, drinks and a raffle, in which every guest can take part free of charge.

A perfect opportunity for this full-blown compagnon fan. Even though he has already proven that he is prepared to take on a lot for his passion, his mountain bike will probably not get him to the Black Forest in under 24 hours. He won't have his license in his hands until the third edition of our summer festival at the earliest. Since we announced the event, Niels has tried to join other potential guests from his home region. Unfortunately without success. What's more, his piggy bank doesn't currently allow for a short trip to the Black Forest.

When we heard about his unfortunate situation, we simply had to find a solution for Niels. Because you can always count on compagnons, whether they're made of leather, canvas or flesh and blood,we suggested a small bet to Niels:

If this nice boy succeeds in mobilizing 20 supporters for his wish on Facebook, we will personally invite Niels to our summer party and organize his arrival/departure, including an overnight stay with us in the Black Forest, so that he can experience compagnon up close for two days.

Niels' enthusiasm for compagnon and his appreciation for his first-generation little messenger show us that he should definitely be able to get to know our showroom and the roots of this small camera bag forge from the Black Forest. After all, you can only find your way and know where you want to go in life if you know where you come from.

Share this Facebook post and help Niels to collect the necessary 20 shares by 11.07.2016
to experience our summer festival live.

Have you now got the urge to celebrate our summer party with us and our guests? Then you can add yourself and your companion to our guest list here with just a few clicks.

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