The path to a new messenger generation

Der Weg in eine neue messenger Generation

The son is following in his father's footsteps.
Over the past three years, the compagnon messenger has earned a certain status among professional and amateur photographers. Its user-friendliness paired with its material quality and classic look, which matched both jeans and gala dress, won hearts and minds alike.
And yet the new generation is trying to fill these footsteps and surpass the legend. To become one themselves. These goals cannot be achieved with half a heart or without the right tools. Find out how we dared to question the essence of compagnon in order to find MORE potential:


It all started with our messenger. It was the first of its kind to carry the name compagnon into the world. Like its little brother later on, it quickly became the darling of your hearts and "Everybody's Darling". A concept that carries the style of compagnon, shows it and combines it with unparalleled usefulness. We have used and appreciated our own messenger every day for the past 3 years. And when something feels right, proves to be something beautiful, you don't want even a little thing to change. Everything should stay as it is. But it can't. And it shouldn't. Real love changes over time. It becomes deeper and more unconditional. This further development also had to happen with the messenger.
A messenger essence combined with the best that Evolution by compagnon has to offer today.
The beloved familiarity with new passion and new brilliance.
See for yourself:

Beauty that lies in the skin and also goes underneath.
With the exception of the first series, compagnon buffalo leather was produced in a tannery in Italy according to our wishes and specifications. This excellent material became characteristic of the compagnon name. But our wishes, requirements and needs have evolved.

We were looking for more reliability, a plus in quality, wanted to be closer to the production process and be able to influence the smallest details. We wanted to use a local product that would bring an additional ecological advantage to this natural product by shortening transport routes.

In short, our wish was to work with a tannery that carries similar values in its tradition.

In northern Germany, we found a family business that fulfills exactly this wish. The best European raw hides and a traditional vegetable tanning process result in a wonderful product that will characterize the next chapter of compagnon with German craftsmanship and loving dedication.

This leather is now also used for all other compagnon leather products in addition to the messenger family, little messenger, messenger and the new medium messenger.

The new messenger II are deliberately very modest with their upgrade. The compagnon embossing on the flap, shoulder pad and strap has been reduced in size and now blends less clearly into the overall design.


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