compagnon goes BACK (literally)

compagnon goes BACK (buchstäblich)

We went BACK. Back in time and back on both shoulders.

Let's start at the beginning: Instead of inventing something new by hook or by crook, another material from a test tube, which ultimately doesn't deliver what it promises in one way or another, let's look back. Into tradition. Into history. What has stood the test of time? Are there materials that have been valued worldwide for decades and yet have disappeared from the scene only to be replaced by a NASA material that just happened to be around? We have found such a material.

A few months ago, we told you about our road trip to Scotland. Back then, we rediscovered the wonderful waxed canvas. For over a hundred years, it was the first choice of sailcloth for the British navy.

This material has everything that is particularly important to us in a compagnon: it is robust, durable, not afraid of a downpour, is of natural origin and is damn stylish. When we realized that it forms a patina in daily use that is just as special and unique as our great leather does, we were completely convinced.

We started the process of fighting our way through grades, colors, combinations, shapes and ideas, in the mistaken belief that we could present you the new compagnon line with canvas for spring. But "good things take time"...

The more observant among you will have already spotted the two new stocky brothers in our family on our trip to America. Of course, every compagnon has to prove himself before he can try to become your best friend. And these two really do their family proud. You can see from their design that two different natural materials can complement each other perfectly. And style is always a decisive factor for a real compagnon, no matter how many shoulders it hangs on.

Practical companions that reliably protect your equipment over hill and dale or in the urban jungle, offer enough flexible storage space for a long journey and can also be worn as a classic backpack, usually look pretty scary. We had to change that.

All backpack and yet all compagnon
The storage space layout is identical to that of the familiar compagnons, but thanks to the roll-top, the new backpack can still carry a little more, even if you've already filled it up to the chin. While we're on the subject: we've also incorporated 4 magnets into the roll-top, which ensure that the compagnon backpack knows all by itself when to keep its big mouth shut.

Because you never know exactly when you'll be released from canyons in the mountains or in the city, the new boys have plenty of storage space on board. They are effectively only just behind our BIG boy, the weekender. Two full-frame bodies, battery grips, around 6 lenses... Man, it really packs a punch.

Of course, its workmanship makes no compromises, so you won't have to make any on your trip. Its plastic parts will never break during use. How do we know that? It doesn't have any! The fastener is a real COBRA (opens and closes in milliseconds with one hand!), the hooks and loops don't just look like metal, they are metal. We don't need to say much more about the workmanship and quality of our buffalo leather. Everything is just the same here. But the canvas went through a long selection process. We have already reported that it is much more difficult to process than our leather. However, we were not prepared to use a canvas similar to that currently found on other bags and rucksacks.

It was immediately clear to us: no compagnon will carry such a skin with you through the decades. So we decided to get the canvas straight from the island ("Scotland", remember?) and double its thickness.

Now our new brothers not only have the familiar, casual look but also the license to experience the years with you. It almost goes without saying that they will collect your stories, experiences and tales in the patina of their skin and become more and more unique to you. We always listen to the opinions and wishes of our customers (and those who want to become one) and because we receive a lot of praise for the feel of our leather (thank you again and again), the back of the backpack is made entirely of leather. The straps too, of course. Of course, we have also mixed innovation and tradition when it comes to the padding. Where do you think...

Their color combinations in moss green with buffalo leather in gingerbread/caramel tone & midnight blue with leather in deep black make them look like they are at home in a forest clearing or at a small mountain lake. But the two are also absolutely in their element in the city. We know what we're talking about.

To be honest, there is no outfit in our closets that would look out of place with this rucksack. If you own an outfit like this, we bet you won't dare post it on your timeline :)

It has taken us a lot of work and time (as you have noticed) to get these two new arrivals ready for you and now they are really looking forward to the time and experiences with you. compagnon foto rucksack blau leder canvas

###################################################### UPDATE June 25 ######################################################

Today we finally have an information update for you impatient people: as you already know from our other products, the backpack also comes with our Velcro lour pads. But because it has a lot of space, it also comes with a lot of pads: two large ones and at least eight smaller ones! So it would be easier to list what doesn't fit than the other way around. But let's try to give you an example: ** A full-frame DSLR, e.g. a Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800, with a decent telephoto lens, such as a 70-200mm 2.8, mounted ** In addition, 4-5 other lenses, possibly more if more compact fixed focal lengths are required ** There is and will always be space for your laptop up to 15" ** There is also always space for the little helpers such as batteries, apertures, filters, chargers etc. etc. ** If you need a second DSLR body, that's no problem either. With two full frames you can still safely take 4 lenses. Your possibilities are literally endless. The new compagnon backpack in figures: Weight: approx. 2.0 kg Dimensions: approx. 40 cm (height) x 30cm (width) x 16 (depth) If you fill the roll-top additionally, for example with dry clothes, a rain cape or because you have loaded something bulky, you have another 30 x 30 cm of extra storage space. On the subject of "bulky items": The roll-top is separated from the main storage space with a velcro velour pad and can therefore be removed or moved. This means you could also "load through" a monopod or tripod. If you don't like this alternative, don't worry: soon after its release, the backpack will be supplemented by a stylish, matching leather quiver that can accommodate a tripod (or thermos flasks or similar) on the outside. The main access point for loading and unloading is the back panel, which, fully made of buffalo leather (what did you expect?), can be opened comfortably with zippers and then easily provides an overview of and access to all contents. Stay tuned, we'll bring you a 'whats-in-my-backpack' and a loading demonstration with pictures in the coming days!

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