compagnon of inspiration - Part I: Marc Grimm

compagnon der Inspiration – Teil I:  Marc Grimm

And once again, compagnon has something new up its sleeve for you. This time, however, the news doesn't come from our sewing room.

In addition to our work on chic companions for you, we try never to forget how much we care about art, especially in the field of photography and video. A compagnon ultimately fulfills the main task of helping its owner to find THE moment for THE photo and to have his finger on the shutter release at exactly that moment.

Getting some inspiration from artists who find and create interesting things never hurts. That's why we now regularly bring you a feature about a photographer who inspires us with their work. These artists are professionals, semi-professionals or amateurs, come from different corners of the world and work in yet others. And they were available to answer questions for compagnon in a short interview. And they all have something else in common: they have great talent and appreciate compagnon's companions.

This time we introduce you to an amateur photographer who works with his camera for a student magazine, but also indulges his passion in his private life. He lives and loves his work in a very relaxed way. This results in genuine and natural shots, where the critical eye can simply put its feet up and our guest this week will do the rest. We welcome as

"compagnon of inspiration" - Part I

Short portrait

Marc is 27 years young and is going to be a secondary school teacher. Together with his wife, he runs a small private zoo that is home to two cats, a hamster and the secret superstar, the Australian Shephard dog 'Peanut'. In terms of photography, his focus is on portraits, celebrations and, more rarely, landscapes. compagnon: Marc, your photography seems relaxed, laid-back and genuine. How would you describe your own style? What of yourself can we find in your pictures?

Marc Grimm: Personal style... I'm not sure or not reflective enough. I simply take photographs, so it is perhaps difficult or impossible for me to recognize a style in my pictures. I was once told that I often take photos from too high up. That's probably because I'm 2.04m tall.

compagnon: We haven't heard that yet either. So when we ask you what appeals to you most about a subject, do you answer with something at your eye level?

Marc Grimm: That's difficult to answer again. I very rarely question what ultimately attracted me. From that point on, I tend to concentrate on the photographic realization. DSCF0169

compagnon: So let's get down to the facts. What photographic equipment do you always carry with you? Which one comes with you when you go traveling?

Marc Grimm: I actually always have the same camera with me: the Fujifilm X-T1 and the corresponding lenses, depending on the purpose. If I pack larger, I take 2 bodies and fixed focal lengths in 16, 23, 35, 56 and 90mm as well as the 16-55mm zoom. When traveling, I limit myself to the 16, 35 and 90mm.

compagnon: Your X-T1 was certainly not your first camera. How did it all start?

Marc Grimm: That was definitely my Leica M6 TTL. That was the end of "taking pictures" and the beginning of photography. The development then continued digitally with the M9.

compagnon: That's a very fitting start. What does good equipment mean to you? What makes it special?

Marc Grimm: Good equipment doesn't hinder the photographer, be it through size, weight, lack of speed or unreliability. Everyone has to find their own way and have the courage to make their own decisions instead of asking others too often.

L1008172 compagnon: If you had 3 wishes that had to do with your photography, you would name...

Marc Grimm: Three wishes... Let's see. A motif alarm, a photo bag that weighs nothing and a model with 2 chocolate sides *wink

compagnon: You shoot a wide variety of things. How do you decide on your look and demeanor when you're hunting for motifs?

Marc Grimm: It really depends on the subject and how warm or cold it is. It can be more casual with friends and more elegant at parties. The compagnon and the quietest shoes possible are always with me.

compagnon: Where does your inspiration come from?

Marc Grimm: I'm certainly not an exotic source. Flickr, 500px, photographers in my personal environment. But I also see so many things in everyday life that can inspire me... you never know when the next idea will come. That's why I always have my cell phone or notebook with me to capture the fleeting ideas somewhere.

compagnon: On the subject of "you never know", has anything ever let you down or disappointed you with your equipment?

Marc Grimm: Yes, of course, 95% of the time it was the bags, which is why I tested pretty much everything on the market. Then I ended up with you. I have to admit that I was mostly lucky with the rest of the equipment.

DSCF4580 compagnon: Finally, we'd like to know if there's anything you're particularly proud of?

Marc Grimm: Praise from my wife. Definitely. If she thinks I've done a good job, that's worth more than anything else. She is my best, toughest and most valued critic.

compagnon: Thank you for your open answers and for taking the time to answer. We wish you continued success with your studies and your photography and the joy of enjoying success. And, of course, lots of fun with your compagnon.

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