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Since 1949 first-class optical products like binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes are made in Absam, Tirol. And first-class leather bags for cameras and lenses are made in Birkenfeld in the Black Forest. You can already see the connection.

Swarovski has added a new model to the binocular series CL, which combines breathtaking optical performance, ergonomics and unique elegance due to fine leather armoring. We feel honoured Swarovski has chosen compagnon to create the carrying bag for the new Companion Nomad. This way we could incorporate our knowhow and our craftsmanship into complementing this compact, optical beauty and offering a functional-handy as well as aesthetically pleasing transportation solution for the lucky owner.



The very fine leather armoring of the Companion Nomad is handmade in Austria and is carefully sewn on the binoculars. Together with Swarovski we've created a bag that follows our design language but is still specifically tailored toward the Companion Nomad. We also appreciated the challenge adapting the colour of our natural bull leather from Southern Germany to the leather tone used on the armoring of the Companion Nomad.

The new Companion Nomad was developed to appeal to all of the user's senses, beyond the actual viewing experience. Our own compagnon products aim to do just that so we had a mutual base to found a successful partnership on, always led by the mututal passion and enthusiasm for the final result.
Now, for the first time, bags from our workshop wear a proud northern goshawk on their front. The northern goshawk, still providing the German name 'Habicht' for a classic binocular series, has been the company logo since 1949. Therefore this native bird of prey embodies values like persistence, timelessness and naturalness. All these things are essential aspects for us, making and creating our own products.

You can easily see the new Companion Nomad has brought together was belongs together. An amazing product resulting from our partnership.
You love nature and you're even in the market for an elegant, up-market set of binoculars?
Look now further than the beautiful CL Companion NOMAD: Head to the Swarovski Shop
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