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Steffen & compagnon
Steffen is, as most of our fans and followers should know, linked to the compagnon brand since our start. We and/or our products are always near when Steffen is giving one of his popular workshops or photo travels or whenever he’s leaving his studio to work outside. His vision and his eye for the small special moments in time, coupled with his personalty that has won him thousands of hearts among his followers are rushing ahead of his name everywhere he goes.
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Laura & compagnon
Laura is a true master in staged people & fantasy photography. Checking out the mindboggling work she’s achieving with her camera and photoshop, it becomes clear why companies like Adobe and Humboldt Publishing love to work with her. Also you wouldn’t disagree with the bulks of creative people turning up for her events and live appearances.
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Philip & compagnon
His name doesn’t need an introduction, we believe. In 27 years behind the camera, Philip’s become an idol to filmmakers and film fans all over the globe. If you don’t know him and his work it’s about time to change that. Several years ago he started shooting films for major clients like Lucasfilms on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, proving what an superior creative mind with sound technical ability can achieve with a lesser camera. If you’re in doubt, watch him do his magic with a toy camera on drtv.
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Patrick & compagnon
Patrick was only 19 years old when he became a compagnon ambassador. When we asked him how he makes those awesome alpine impressions he told us about his home on 1100m altitude and how a 30min walk takes him up to 2k. All was clear from that point on. Now his creative work gets him to all those places photographers dream about. And compagnon is always there with him, sort of.
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Carmen & compagnon
Carmen is a fabulous photographer in her own right and also a compagnon friend for several years. But in unity with her husband Ingo she’s the shining and incredibly charming half of Carmen & Ingo. Together they’re claiming their spot among the superstars of Wedding- and Couple Photography in Germany. The large Candi Community around them certainly proves the point.
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Ingo & compagnon
Ingo is simply an incredibly cool & charismatic dude and also a highly talented photographer. No wonder Carmen had to notice him. Together this one of a kind dream team became a part of the compagnon family quite some time ago, using our products to be ready for their highly renowned events, workshops and of course photoshoots.
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Jan & compagnon
Jan is in love with the mountains and nature itself. Both things aren’t hard to come by at his home in Switzerland. And he makes the most of what he’s given. When we first saw a shot of his backpack set in front of his tent, basking in the sun rising over some majestic scenery, we noticed his work. Now we’re always curious about the adventures Jan will find for himself, his crew and his compagnon on the summits of the globe.
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Max & compagnon
Max is actually from Stuttgart, right around the corner from our home. When he called us the first time, he was still a student of photography in Chicago. He amazed us with his urban style and somewhat reckless rooftop images. But Max is devoted to progress and certainly has the drive to go after what he sets his mind on. Returning to Europe and the Black Forest he’s turning to travel and lifestyle photography. His compagnon backpack is still along for the ride.
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Martin Krolop & compagnon
Martin says he is, along with his colleague Marc Gerst, photographer, filmmaker and teacher. If you aim to learn how to make the most out of studio lighting or make beautiful women look straight gorgeous, you’d be hard put to find anyone better. On their live shows, online streams and live workshops they are sharing their secrets and knowledge.
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Mxmilian & compagnon
Mx is an embodyment of his photographic style. Together with the LowLightLeague, a community he co-founded, he rules over the nights in Europe’s most vibrant cities. Behind that signature mask he wears there’s an creative, casual guy who likes to share his knowledge and ability with others during his insider workshops.
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His passion for compagnon started when Marco first mounted his bold strap on his camera. He is an award-winning fashion-, portrait- and business photographer so he appreciates professional gear that meets the highest standards while being relaxed enough to be seen with. The little weekender matches up with his demands beautifully. Together they represent the compagnon-way in the Netherlands.
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Julia, Gil & compagnon
Julia and Gil are wedding photographers. But that doesn’t mean they are two among many. To create their fantastic results their individual characters and personalities are just as important as the gear. The close relationship with their subjects they can create in almost no time is second to none. That kind of true, pure and up close emotion shows in their images. They’re obviously users of camera gear that can get under one’s skin as well.
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Piet & compagnon
Piet van den Eynde is a flashy guy. In a good way. He’s an absolute pro with any kind of flash, blending artificial light with available light brilliantly. His Masterclass workshops in India are constantly stuffed. But you can also learn at lot from his books on flash photography. As an Fuji ambassador he was also one of the 20 photographers worldwide that got the chance to officially test-drive the coveted Fuji GFX medium format camera. Besides that he’s also an ambassador for Adobe and Wacom. He finally found the perfect home for his substantial equipment in the compagnon weekender.
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Marco & compagnon
Marco is a passionate wedding photographer. His artistic aspiration to his results puts him on the same level, even internationally, as the biggest names in the business. His unique style is full of character, high contrast and immediately recognizable. Marco doesn’t enjoy going along beaten paths. Instead he follows his instinct and his eye for great compositions to achieve amazing results. Results that couples from the Pacific coast all the way to South Africa appreciate and like to have for their weddings. The exquisite gear he uses is obviously transported in style, in a black medium messenger.
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Calvin & compagnon
Summarizing the things Calvin is currently working on will easily take you a couple of hours. To many he’s an absolute role model when it comes to professional commercial photography. But it doesn’t end there. He’s also a highly coveted teacher, author and digital artist. His focus is always spot on. Not just camera-wise. Calvin knows exactly what he wants, has clear goals and high expectations, improves himself constantly and simply has no time to waste on gear & equipment that can’t keep up with him on “Hollywood boulevard”.
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Nadia & compagnon
Nadia seems to be genetically made for wedding photography and creative work. We knew that right after that first hug. She is authentic, real, heartwarming, stylish, strong and full of passion for that creative way of life and work. Born in Italy, based in England and at home all over Europe. Nadia is a true pan-european compagnon with that sixth sense for special moments and the ability to capture them forever.