'Element backpack'

Comfortable CarryLite Ergo System & vegan XPac shell combined with a highly functional camerapack. Light, versatile, durable. Perfect for any demanding Outdoor- and Travel use.

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What fits inside?





Exterior Features

  • Extremely tough and waterproof XPac and Ballistic 1650D shell
    More info at 'Fabrics and Production'
  • expandable rolltop daypack storage for additional volume with optional velcro flap closure at the top end (with silencer option)
  • innovative Fidlock buckle on the rolltop - opens in a second just using two fingers, automatic magnetic closing & latching securely
  • side quick access to have your camera ready within seconds
  • the zippers on the quick access and front pocket can be locked to prevent theft using two built-in carabiners sitting in the left tripod pocket.
  • spacious side water bottle pocket which can also be used for larger tripods, a gimbal etc.
  • smaller slide-in pocket with fastening straps on the quick access side for compact tripods, smaller drinking bottles or similar items
  • compagnon CarryLite ergo system based on comfortable 3D AirMesh padding for first class ventilation, ergonomics and fit
  • ErgoBelt hipfins to provide an effective relief of shoulders, spine and neck
  • ErgoBelt hipfins can be taken off easily whenever needed
  • ergonomically padded 3D AirMesh shoulder straps without pressuring seams on the edges, added metal attachment D-rings on the front to fasten accessoriers if needed
  • excess strap length on the hipfins and rolltop straps feature integrated 'strap garage' retainers for sleek, organized look
  • highly water resistant YKK Aquaguard zippers with glove-compatible handle loops all around the exterior
  • the design on the clamshell opening of the main storage allows for laptop compartment access without opening the backpack completely and expose the content
  • side zipper pocket with expanding folds adapting to even bulkier items while maintaining a slim profile
  • hidden zipper pocket inside the floor panel for keeping the separate mudcover (included)
  • the mudcover can be cleaned under water and air-dried separated from the backpack
  • spacious slide-in pocket with velcro flap closure and additional carabiner inside to keep your keys or similar items
  • subtle Hypalon loop on the floor panel to mount a (bike rear)light for added security in low light areas or at night

Interior Features

  • the rolltop daypack section offers a silencer option for the velcro flap so you can access quietly or have maximum protection
  • main storage compartment with protective padding all around to ensure safe, flexible transport of your gear
  • total of 10 versatile velcro velours dividers to adapt the storage to any kind of kit (three pads with built-in folding function)
  • added soft flex pockets on three of the dividers, perfectly suited for filters, batteries, lens caps, remoted, adapters and more
  • total of 10 velcro fastening straps to secure small or especially heavy/bulky tech you would like to fasten even more
  • separator wall between rolltop and main storage can be opened by a zipper if needed
  • subtle interior zipper pocket inside the rolltop is ideal for high security transport of wallet, documents, cards, ID, tickets and more
  • very spacious front organizer pocket with mesh zipper pocket, elastic slide-in pockets, compartments and loops for your everyday carry needs
  • additionally padded laptop compartment up to 15" screen sizes (Macbook Pro 2019 or newer also 16")
  • build-in ground mat behind the laptop compartment for sitting/kneeling on cold, rough and/or dirty surfaces
  • memory card holder for min. 6 cards and two zipper mesh pockets to be arranged anywhere in the storage area using a velcro base (included)

Fitting equipment


  • depending on number of leses & camera size(s) you can fit more of fewer cameras
  • compact mirrorless cameras like Leica M10, Leica Q2, Olympus E-M1 Mark III, Fujifilm X-T4 and similar
  • compact APS-C DSLR bodies like Canon EOS 80D, Nikon D500 and others
  • mirrorless fullframe systems like Sony Alpha a7R III, Canon R5, Nikon Z7 II and more
  • fullframe DSLR bodies like Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Nikon D750, Canon EOS 1Dx, Nikon D6 etc.
  • medium format cameras like Fujifilm GFX100, Hasselblad X1D II 50c, Hasselblad H6D, Leica S3, PhaseOne XF IQ4 etc.
    *with bodies exceeding an overall height of 16-17 centimeters it may not be possible to add a laptop as well


  • lenses with a max length of 50 centimeters do fit in the main storage
  • with even larger tele lenses you can open the separator wall between the rolltop and the main storage to access even more capacity. This is usually not a permanent carrying layout but can help fitting lenses up to around 80cm in length for a brief occasion
  • common fast zoom lenses like the popular 70-200mm f/2.8 will fit solo or mounted to most cameras straight across the main storage. This combo will thus be accessible through the quick access, too
  • quick accessibility is also guaranteed with a wide range of fast prime lenses like the popular Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4, EF 85mm f/1.2, 135mm f/2, 14mm f/2.8 etc.


  • separately padded laptop compartment for laptops up to 15 inch size (Macbook Pro from 2019 also 16 inch)
  • according to the size of the camera kit you can add a compact drone setup, for example a DJI Mavic Pro with accessories
  • the rolltop daypack gives you extra space for an additional jacket, a lunchbox, a bike helmet, a drone case, a second pair of shoes or clean clothes
  • water bottles, compact to larger tripods gimbals or similar things can be placed on both exterior sides of the bag
  • documents, notepads, filters, gloves and various other utensils will fit in the expanding side pocket and the deep front flap pocket
Fabrics & Production


The exterior shell of the Element Line is made from sailcloth used by hightech racing sail boats. This fabric called XPac, developed by the world market leader from Kempen, Germany, is inherently waterproof and incredibly light thanks to its innovative laminate construction. The vegan XPac VX21 boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market. XPac is extremely tough, durable and incredibly light.



Dimensions & weight



For more information see our Kickstarter campaign page


Exterior Measurements
ca. 51 x 30 x 18 cm (HxWxD, unloaded)
Interior Measurements
ca. 49 x 29 x 16 cm (HxWxD, unloaded)
Interior Measurements Rolltop;
max. ca. 36cm high x 35cm wide
Laptop compartment
fits laptops with 15 inch screens (16" 2019 Macbook Pro will fit)
ca. 2 kilos


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Customer reviews on "'Element backpack'"
6 Sep 2021

Très bon produit.

Après l'Elément Sling 11 pour les petites sorties photos quotidienne je viens de recevoir cet Elément Backpack. C'est un excellent sac photo, grand et léger, très bien fini dans un matériau solide.
Plein d'astuce pour le rangement du matériel. Je l'ai complété par l'Elément Pouch pour les petits accessoires.
Très content de mon achat, j'adhère totalement à la philosophie de Compagnon: qualité et fabrication éthique.

19 Nov 2020

Saved my back

I purchased this excellent bag after watching a YouTuber I follow and came directly to the site. I live in Istanbul so it took a little awhile to receive the bag but it was delivered with no problems at all. And very excitedly I immediately started organizing my bag. It fit my Canon Eos R with a RF 100-500 mounted on and my other Canon Eos R with RF 15-35 mounted on , my DJI Mavic 2 Pro , extra batteries , remote and my tech bag with extra room to spare. This might be dangerous as I could easily add stuff I don't need to carry just cause I have the space :)) I have not used the rolling side yet but I am sure it is going to be very useful and handy. On the side zipper I put a big charging dock with all sorts of cables with no problems. The front pocket which I love took all my GoPro accessories and bits and pieces. On my first outing for the first time I had no back pain ( I have major back ache problems ) and when I came back to the car to put my tripod and bag in the boot I realized I had forgotten the bag on my back :) it is that comfortable to use that you forget you have it on your back. I just wish we could have had just some more color options , specially a nice navy one. Thank you very much for offering such great service and bag Compagnon :)

25 Oct 2020

Love this backpack, which proves extremely functional, resistant, stylish, comfortable as well as ethical

I purchased the Elements backbpack for my travel needs with my photo gear, after trying backpacks of 2 other brands one full week each. The Compagnon Elements comes first by many criteria.
Even though the Compagnon web site is very informative (which gave me hints on the quality of its bags), it is difficult to get the impression of a backpack before actually seing and trying it. Once I decided to purchase it, and received it, the Elements backpack has met all my criteria, and they were demanding. First of all, I quickly loved the alliance of style (desert brown was my personal choice), functionality, comfort on the back (thanks to padding and lightweight) and obvious durability of the fabric and global design.
The organization, different from what I had seen before, revealed itself to be extremely functional, fitting both short afternoon shootings and a few days trip. The roll top has just the right size to my opinion to have this versatility, the front pocket is well organized and useful, as well as the side mesh pockets. The front scratch pocket I used as a discrete compartment for my passport. There is far enough space in the main compartment for my camera gear (a Fuji APS-C X series and its 4 lenses, but a DSLR body will fit equal), as well as my 13” laptop and its cover. I could arrange the separators with velcro attachments on the side to fit the camera gear well, and even arrange, under Compagnon advise, a kind of "window", made by a separator, to be able to grab from the side pocket the lens located under the camera body.
The back padding and shoulder strips makes carrying the backpack really comfortable. I am glad my smartphone with its cover fit in the belt pocket. It's nice to feel one's equipement secure as the material is very water resistant, as this last week near the Loire river with much rain has shown me. The only thing I found strange / possibly misplaced was the keyring, in one of the mesh pockets. But perhaps the ring is designed to fix a tripod or another accessory rather than a key. In that case, I would add a ring in the front pocket.
The ethical part of the production process was important to me, and I trust the information given on the process and conditions of production on the Compagnon web site. I am glad to wear a backpack that contributes somehow to working conditions and that is at least traceable.
Globally, I am extremely satisfied with the Elements backpack, which I feel will fit all my exterior camera needs for many years.

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