Introducing: the little backpack

Wir stellen vor: the little backpack

Small but mighty! The little backpack is in no way inferior to its big brother. Modern hybrid canvas from Scotland and vegetable-tanned leather from Germany form the basis for the smaller version of our style icon. We have kept the tried and tested. The Velcro system on the pads gives you maximum flexibility for your equipment. The click of the ingenious Cobra fastener from AustriAlpin sounds like music to the ears and the design and trendy colors are a feast for the eyes. High functionality and well thought-out features give both professional and amateur photographers more pleasure at work.

Women in particular will be delighted with the shorter back length and narrower straps. But taller men will also appreciate this rucksack for day trips and other appointments with less weight. The backpack has space for your 13-inch notebook, one to two cameras and three to four lenses as well as other accessories. Our tried-and-tested roll-top offers plenty of storage space for provisions and much more. The perfect companion for all projects with slightly smaller equipment.

How nice would it be to find this gem under the Christmas tree? Then make this dream come true for yourself or a loved one!

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