About amazement and overcoming boundaries

Vom Staunen und Grenzen überwinden

There was this inner longing for something new and a desire for beauty that left us speechless in amazement. Everyday work had us in its grip, the clock was ticking at its usual pace and our batteries were running low on energy. It was time to embark on a new adventure.

So we followed our gut feeling and booked this flight - the flight to La Réunion. An island that had been tempting us for some time, but we couldn't quite put our finger on why. So we just had to take this trip and find out. Today we're sitting back in our home and reminiscing. And we are grateful. Grateful that we were able to explore this breathtaking island with a healthy body and mind. You rarely see anything this beautiful and we are more than aware of that.


Life runs past us on so many days as if it were a matter of course. We find ourselves in our own little cosmos, get annoyed about trivial things and repeatedly forget to simply lift our heads, notice the beauty around us and break through our own boundaries. The world we find ourselves in offers countless treasures that we can see and experience with mindfulness and sometimes a little luck.


On La Réunion, I once again realized how small I actually am. Nature is and remains gigantic and we are guests. Because the flora and fauna were on this planet before us. We are allowed to move around in it - but please do so with a lot of respect and love. In some situations, I had to decide whether to blow up the drone and capture an epic image or not, as we were obviously in an area where the birds ruled. I often opted for the latter. Because as a photographer you have to be able to capture situations with your eyes and your heart. There are so many other moments and angles that we can capture.

We also knew that our time in this special place was unfortunately limited. I was all the happier that I had all my tools with me in my backpack every step of the way and was free to decide when I wanted to capture unforgettable moments. Be it for myself or for all other viewers who love to lose themselves in images and motifs for a moment.

This trip has shown me again that it is worth working for my dreams. If you have a goal in mind and your gut feeling tells you what is right for you, let it guide you and take a chance. Every single experience makes you richer - on so many levels.


What I took away from La Réunion, for example, is that you can see great and impressive things if you put in a little more effort. The easy hiking trail and the associated goal usually have to be shared with many other people. But the difficult and sweaty path takes you to places that blow you away.

And it's the same in life. You have to constantly challenge yourself, test yourself and sometimes grit your teeth and go beyond your own limits. But the feeling afterwards and what you achieve along the way is overwhelming and stays in your memory.

Stay courageous, determined and a little crazy in your head. Then everything will be great!

Your Leevke


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