Status updates Element Line

Status-Updates Element Line

We are very grateful for the enormous success of the Element Line. Many Kickstarter supporters and pre-orderers from our store are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the fabulous Element trio.
On Kickstarter, we regularly publish updates on the status of production and the expected delivery date. Now we are also bringing these updates to our blog.
Here you will find further information on the dates and the progress of the project now and in the future.

Update from July 31
As announced in the last update (see below), we are on schedule. The Element Line will reach us on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Things are finally getting underway. Preparations for shipping are already in full swing. Especially in these days we ask you again to refrain from exact date or delivery requests. Every inquiry/call about the status slows down our work in shipping and does not give you any more precise information than the news in this update. We need the entire team to distribute this gigantic delivery to you quickly and safely. Thank you for your understanding. You will automatically receive an e-mail with your shipping information when your package is handed over to the shipping service provider. We are already very impatient and are looking forward to your excitement when the Elements finally reach you. Yeah!

Update from July 21
The Element Line is expected to reach the port of Hamburg on July 29.
As special regulations currently apply to imports and higher security measures have to be taken, we can expect delivery to our headquarters in the first week of August (03.08.-07.08.).
As already announced, we will start shipping on the day of delivery.
As soon as we receive an exact date from Hamburg, we will announce this date here, on Kickstarter and social media.
Once again, we thank you for your patience, understanding and support. We would also like to ask you not to ask our customer service for more exact dates, because you cannot get any more information than here. Unfortunately, it is impossible to promise dates and would be very dubious. We are just as impatient for the fantastic Elements as you are and can hardly wait.

Update from May 31st
We can finally give you an update on the delivery period for the Element Line. We would have loved to bring you the update sooner, but despite communicating with our partners almost non-stop via phone & Skype, the answer was always the same for us: "We just don't know."
As reported in the previous update, the XPac outer material was not shipped by production in the USA before the country's industry was shut down and closed due to the pandemic.
Now we have finally been promised that the material will reach our production facility in mid-June. Everything has been waiting in the wings for weeks to get started as soon as the material arrives.
Our current logistical planning expects the huge element delivery to arrive at the end of July.
It will then be shipped immediately. Of course, we can't guarantee these dates, but barring any nationwide setbacks, which of course we hope not, we are confident that these dates are now secure.
Thank you again for your understanding, patience and support during these crazy times.

And by the way, 'one more thing': while the pandemic has been raging outside, we haven't
been lying around.We've used the time to develop an ingenious addition to the Element Line for you: THE ELEMENT POUCH. This tech organizer arrives a few weeks after the rest of the Element Line, which is why you can pre-order 'the pouch' at a special price in our store!

Everyone on this planet is currently feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on (social) life and the enormous restrictions on industry. The situation is difficult and sometimes unpredictable. Unfortunately, this also affects our Element Line, whose production is in the starting blocks.

In an earlier update, we had to tell you about an unforeseeable machine breakdown at an important supplier. The innovative X-Pac material, patented by a partner from Germany, is produced in a factory in the USA. Due to the breakdown, delivery to our production was significantly delayed. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States took hold at this very moment and production was temporarily shut down. It is currently not possible for us to predict when the material can be delivered to us. Our partner promises us a more precise outlook in about 1 week.

It is currently difficult to give an estimate for the further course of events, as we are dependent on the delivery of the material from the USA. Our manufacturing partner's production plans are of course also being turned upside down on a daily basis at the moment, but we are endeavoring to work out the fastest possible timing for the Element Line.

We would like to avoid further delays in the start of production, but cannot promise a delivery date in the current situation. As a rough outlook, we currently have to rule out a shipping start in May 2020 and assume a later date. We will publish further updates here, on Kickstarter and on our social media channels in due course.

We deeply regret the delay of the project, but of course we accept and understand the importance of the lives and survival of all people, especially those involved in the Element project. Health is an important asset and must be protected in the best possible way.

We therefore hope that all our valued supporters, customers, partners and fans, including their families, are and remain healthy. Let us all do our best to ensure that the pandemic is contained as quickly as possible and that all our lives can quickly return to normal.

Thank you so much for your understanding, patience and continued support.

See you soon and take care, your compagnon team

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