Photokina 2016 - Off to Cologne

Photokina 2016 - Auf nach Köln

When compagnon finally made the step to Cologne in its third year, we felt very proud and were bubbling over with ideas of how we wanted to present the compagnon brand and our products in Cologne. Now that we have been able to implement many of these ideas, the journey is just around the corner...

Everyone is pitching in. We collected design ideas together, made sketches and looked into the incredulous faces of those who wanted to build a trade fair stand for us. Because we knew straight away: we would build it ourselves. Vitalis grabbed a planer, drill and angle grinder and made our vision come true. compagnon stands for the special, the unique, the handmade and the natural. But building a work of art is one thing, dismantling it ready for transportation is quite another. And that was not to be our only challenge on our way to the Rhine metropolis:


You already know this leitmotif from our products: anything that looks like leather is leather. Everything that looks like metal is real metal. That's exactly what we're doing at our trade fair stand. We also want you to see and feel the craftsmanship everywhere. Handmade by us for a special ambience that you certainly won't experience anywhere else at Photokina. Shakespeare imagined how the forest of Birnam would make it to Mount Dunsinane, now we are bringing the Black Forest to Cologne.

In addition to the brand new compagnon products, some of which have never been shown live before, we are also expecting a visit from compagnons in the flesh. We have planned the following live interview sessions with current and future greats from the world of photography:


We will show you what compagnon materials have to offer and invite you to see and experience our extended product range live for the first time. Let yourself be surrounded by our materials and our attitude to life. A bit of nature, outdoor feeling, authenticity and originality at the otherwise so clean and sterile photography trade fair. Being here really means being here. A place to indulge in thoughts and feelings and not be three steps ahead in your thoughts. And a place to see the best camera bags there are.

In Hall 4.1 , Stand I 029


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