It's time for Movember 2014!

Es ist Zeit für Movember 2014!

Well, admittedly. It's now almost mid-November, which means it's officially been Movember for a few days now. Perhaps we should briefly explain what exactly Movember is, but wait, Wikipedia can explain it better (like most things). Our short version. The Movember movement was originally started in Australia and calls on men and women worldwide to raise funds for prostate cancer research. The moustache, which one or other representative of the male species suddenly sports, is the distinguishing feature. We think that's a good thing! Philip Bloom has been using his fame and close ties to the film and photography industry to raise considerable amounts of money for several years now.

How does he do this? Manufacturers of various products simply "donate" these products. Philip and his team throw them into a kind of virtual lottery pot. Anyone who donates at least 15 GB pounds (can't find the GBP symbol on my keyboard) is entered into the prize draw. This year there are some really nice toys like the rightly world famous Freefly MoVi Gimbal M5, a fine Miller wooden tripod, all kinds of cameras and accessories. Be sure to take a look at Philip Bloom's Movember fundraising page: Just for your information - a MoVi M5 costs just under €5,000! Attentive readers of our blogs or followers on one of our channels will have noticed that Philip Bloom has also been using our light brown weekender for some time. And he loves it. We also want to be part of this good cause, which is why we have also "donated" a compagnon weekender. Yes, you read that right, this is the first and only way to get a weekender other than through our online store or our retail partners. The best thing about it is that you can even choose the color. International free shipping included - even to Timbuktu or the Easter Islands... Surely you know that we don't exactly "throw" bags around and take part in every competition or raffle. There are many reasons for this, the most important being that we are still a start-up and not every competition has any added value (except for the winner :-) ) But this is not a classic competition, it's about an extremely important and good cause! So, in a nutshell: 1. go to Philip Bloom's Movember 2014 campaign page where you will see an explanation and list of prizes 2. donate at least 15 GPB or 25 $ 3. be happy that you have done something good! 4. with a little luck you will be the winner of a really great prize 5. you will also get a big virtual smack from us! :-) 6. the last important point: assuming you buy a weekender from us in the store between today and December 9th and assuming (what we wish for you) you win the weekender from the Movember campaign, we will refund you the full purchase amount + shipping costs Fair deal, right?

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