compagnon of inspiration - Part 4: Natalie "MISSHATTAN" Amrossi

compagnon der Inspiration - Teil 4:  Natalie "MISSHATTAN" Amrossi

New York is home to many amazing, creative artists. Between the Hudson and the East River, however, only half would be going on without our guest of the month. Her massive fan base is just as convinced of her style as the illustrious who's who of her advertising customers & clients. And rightly so, we think. For compagnon, she briefly put down her unique and took time for a small talk:

"compagnon of inspiration" - Part 4

Brief portrait

Natalie was born and raised in New York, and even as a child she was determined to live and work in the heart of Manhattan. In order to get a chance at this dream, she successfully bit her way through a degree in Business Management. Shortly afterwards, she took a job at a financial company, working in investment banking research. On her way to work, through the streets of New York, she had the feeling that her passion was out there, not in her office. She took up photography to finally see things the way her mind had always imagined them. After two years in her job, she left banking behind and dedicated herself to photography, without a plan and without a safety line. Just with a good gut feeling. Since then, her stage name, Misshattan, has become a household name not only between Queens and Jersey. She describes the time that followed as an unbelievable rollercoaster ride, which today brings her photos into the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, etc. and lists her as an advertising partner for Jaguar, Nike, AT&T, HP and many more. IMG_5330

(Interview translated from English)

compagnon: Natalie, after you took the plunge into self-employment as a photographer almost overnight, you really had a lot going on. Have you noticed any qualities along the way that a great photographer should definitely have?

Misshattan: A great photographer should have their own unique perspective or view on things. He or she should also be able to bring their pictures to life.

compagnon: From an artist's point of view, what is the best time of the day for you? Morning, noon, evening or night? Or maybe you just prefer the studio?

Misshattan: I prefer natural light, so anything I can find outside of a studio. I love playing with shadows and creating shots that have a certain mood or tone.

compagnon: On your daily commute to work, the streets of New York are known to have greatly inspired and influenced you. Where does your drive and passion for photography come from today?

Misshattan: The love for photography comes from the love I have for life itself. I really like being able to preserve the memory of this through my images.

compagnon: Ok, time for the technical talk. Is there any equipment that you always have with you? Along the lines of "Never leave home without it!"?

Misshattan: I always have my Canon 6D with me, especially when I travel. I can use it to transfer my pictures wirelessly to my mobile devices and share them on my social networks. I also always have a wide-angle lens with me, for example the 16-35mm. The same goes for a 24-105mm lens. Having a tripod with me is an absolute must!!!! Especially because with natural light you always end up in situations where there is very little of it.

IMG_3069 compagnon: When you think about your life and career today, what are you particularly proud of?

Misshattan: I'm really proud that I was able to quit my job in finance to become a full-time photographer. It's been an incredible rollercoaster ride so far and I'm just looking forward to what's next.

compagnon: Thank you Natalie for taking the time for compagnon. We wish you continued fun and success with your work and look forward to hearing from you and seeing fascinating new shots. FullSizeRender-1

You can find more from MISSHATTAN on Facebook and Instagram.
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