compagnon of inspiration - Part 17: Marco ter Beek

compagnon der Inspiration – Teil 17:  Marco ter Beek

Marco ter Beek is relaxed and describes himself as a decelerated photographer who has to feel a picture before he presses the shutter release. As if by magic, the Dutchman gets on extremely well with a wide variety of people, an ideal prerequisite for working with his models on portrait shoots. In addition to portraits, Marco also has a passion for beauty, business and fashion photography. Now he is finally our guest for a short interview:

"compagnon of inspiration" - part 17

Short portrait

Marco used to work in the hospitality industry and has retained the uncomplicated and open manner he learned there as a photographer. His aim is to reveal the inner beauty of his models in his portraits and to create the best possible image. It is precisely this attitude coupled with talent that won him the "Top Photo Award 2015". Marco is also a well-known and successful fashion photographer and instructor. So he's sure to have a few tips up his sleeve for us. compagnon: Hi Marco, nice to have you here. As one of our Ambassadors, we know your style and appreciate your work. But how would you describe your personal style to someone who doesn't know your work yet?

Marco ter Beek: My style could be described as strong and powerful. I always try to give my portraits a second layer. If a viewer looks into my subject's eyes for more than a second, I have achieved my goal. The eyes are the soul of the person portrayed, so they should definitely come across in the best possible way.

compagnon: Looking at your pictures and portraits, one inevitably wonders where you get your inspiration for your shots?

Marco ter Beek: My inspiration comes in different ways. One of them is, especially if you have no inspiration, make yourself aware of three things that are important. Close your eyes and imagine the finished pictures. For example: 1) a couple, 2) a farewell and 3) their surroundings. The only thing missing is to take the picture.

compagnon: While we're on the subject of inspiration for your photos: What was the most memorable photo you've ever taken and why?

Marco ter Beek: That's an easy question, without a doubt it's Marlon, the man with the gray beard and gray hat. It was voted in the top 50 out of 107,000 portraits worldwide at the Sony World Photography Awards 2017. That ultimately made me a Sony ambassador and, and, and ...


compagnon: Suppose you had to do without your compagnon little weekender and could therefore only take one camera and one lens on a short trip. What equipment would you choose and why?

Marco ter Beek: Without a doubt it would be my Sony A7RIII with the 16-35 f/2.8 G-Master. I love this setup. The files are big enough to crop, so I don't mind working with wide angle. But there's one more thing I can't leave at home: My Sirui Carbon tripod. But ideally, of course, I'll just grab my little weekender.

compagnon: As you may know, there's often a "make a wish" question in our interviews. Let's say a fairy godmother grants you three wishes, as long as they have to do with your art/photography. What would they be?

Marco ter Beek: Oh wow, that would be a tough one, I think. I think off the top of my head: 1) my own studio, 2) a new custom-made portfolio book every year, 3) a fashion shoot with a top model.

compagnon: We all know how important the post-processing of photos is. How much time do you spend on average on post processing a photo?

Marco ter Beek: It takes about an hour per photo to edit it. For me, post-processing begins with a good starting photo and then I improve it bit by bit. I always pay attention to skin blemishes, the eyes, dodge & burn and finally, of course, the right color correction.

compagnon: Team player or loner? More precisely: Do you work alone or in a team on shoots or photo tours/projects?

Marco ter Beek: I just love working with a team, you should never underestimate the power of a well-functioning team. Make-up artist, hair stylist and styling are essential. With a well working team you can create art for your client and that is my ultimate goal, to create art!

Marco ter Beek compagnon-307 compagnon: You often see two ways of using the trigger: Fire freely or sparingly and selectively. Which way do you prefer?

Marco ter Beek: Purposefully and one photo at a time, because as a photographer I consciously take my time. There's no advantage in taking tons of photos and then discarding 98% of them. Look through your camera, guide the model and then take a picture at the right time.

Marco ter Beek compagnon-301 compagnon: You're going on a well-deserved vacation. Do you take your camera with you and if so, how often do you really use it on location?

Marco ter Beek: I do take it with me, but will hardly use it.

compagnon: Does the weather have an influence on this? Do you tend to leave the camera in your bag because of certain weather or do you like the creative variety?

Marco ter Beek: I like changeable weather. And if the model I'm working with likes it too, then I just love shooting in the pouring rain and using my camera flash. It gives the image so much more energy. So for me it's a very welcome creative element.

compagnon: Thank you so much for your time and your candid answers, Marco. It was a pleasure to get to know your work and your way of working. We are very pleased that your little weekender always accompanies you in your studio work and wish you continued success and, above all, lots of fun. Marco ter Beek compagnon-306

The pictures in this article were provided to us by Marco ter Beek. The images are protected by copyright. The sole rights are held by Marco ter Beek and compagnon GbR. More from Marco on Instagram and on his website

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