compagnon of inspiration - Part 14: Mattsort

compagnon der Inspiration – Teil 14:  Mattsort

Especially in the dreary winter, we are also looking for creative ideas to use this dark time of year and the dark days in an exciting and creative way. The #LowLightLeague is at the forefront of this topic. With MXMILIAN, we already had one of the founders with us. Today, the next demon of this Viennese gang joins us:

"compagnon of inspiration" - part 14

Short portrait

Mathias, the "resident morning grouch" at the Low Light League, is an extremely organized person. Everything has its fixed place. If a key is in the wrong pocket, he may spend hours looking for it. He gets a lot of energy from the fact that he has time for a big breakfast throughout the day. In addition to the power of coffee, pastries, muesli and the like, his passion for photography is what drives him.

compagnon: Hi Mathias, nice to have you with us. If we had known you were coming, we would have provided croissants. At 5:30 pm. We realized that the first glance at our visitors' cameras says a lot. What is the well-known "always on" for you? Do you have one? Which lens do you never do without?

Mattsort: Hello, a kebab without spicy will do... I don't have to think about it for long. It's definitely my 24mm f/1.4. This lens is an absolute all-rounder and simply the right lens for me and my photography.


compagnon: Of course we know your photos and your style. Your wide-angle preference makes sense, especially in an urban environment. But you don't just shoot interesting spots downtown. We often see two ways of using the shutter release. Fire freely or sparingly and selectively. How do you work?

Mattsort: Yes, that's right. It couldn't be more different, honestly. I usually use the shutter release rather sparingly. But different rules apply to my concert shoots. I tend to be more set on continuous fire.


compagnon: Concerts are a special area. Not many of our guests shoot such events. Which gigs, bands or music styles did you accompany? How did this come about and what are the special challenges that other shoots might not offer?

Mattsort: One day the opportunity presented itself and I simply said yes! My taste in music couldn't be more diverse, but in my opinion not every style of music is suitable for shooting. I like to have the action in the picture, the moment can't be repeated. The lighting conditions could hardly be more difficult, sometimes in dark halls, various light influences in different strengths, and only one chance. I hardly notice anything of the concert myself, my focus is somewhere else entirely.


compagnon: We've already introduced you as a founding member of the LowLightLeague. Surely only a few of our and even your own followers know about the league. How did it come about? How do you use and operate this feature platform? Where does the LLL generally appear?

Mattsort: The LowLightLeague was started as a small project to offer people who share a common style a platform to present their work. Over time, this so-called feature page has not only developed into a community of its own, for which we even hold workshops, but also the idea of seeing one's environment with different eyes. In addition, LLL is currently in the process of reinventing itself, but I don't want to reveal too much about that just yet.

compagnon: That sounds exciting. Your home base is Vienna, but you are on the road almost everywhere. Which place do you particularly appreciate from an artistic point of view?

Mattsort: Every city certainly has corners that you find particularly visually appealing. But so far, Copenhagen has appealed to me the most.

compagnon: Copenhagen is often mentioned in this context. Our team obviously loves this city too. Do you have any tips on what not to miss when in Copenhagen with your camera? What impressed you about this city?

Mattsort: Copenhagen is bursting with possibilities. It's best to just get out and about! I didn't have any specific destinations myself when I was there, you always discover something, you just have to keep your eyes open. Things that particularly impressed me: The modern architecture and the hot dogs.


compagnon: Thank you for your insight into your work and your visit. In the coming months, you and your boys from the Low Light League will certainly be able to produce even more dark shots. We wish you all continued success and plenty of creative flow for the further development of your art.


The images in this article were provided to us by Mattsort. The images are protected by copyright. The sole rights are held by Mattsort. More from Mathias on Instagram and on Facebook

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