compagnon of inspiration - Part 11: MXMILIAN

compagnon der Inspiration - Teil 11:  MXMILIAN

In this issue, our readers have to be brave for once. Our guest of the month has great talent and versatility, but his artistic home is the dark night. In the steel and concrete of the big city, he shows that the art of omission sometimes also applies to light. He roams the metropolis like a ghost, creating works for his numerous Instagram fans and reigning over Vienna by night together with his compagnon backpack. The night has begun, the lights are still on at compagnon and we open our doors to our

"compagnon of inspiration" - Part 11

Short portrait

MXMILIAN is no longer a stranger to the Instagram community or the photography scene in Vienna, even if he appears to many followers and fans as his alter ego thanks to his characteristic mask. Originally a gift from a creative friend, this mask is now a trademark for his art and the work of the LowLightLeague, a group founded by MXMILIAN and his friend @manpod, which organizes workshops and photowalks in and around Vienna together with @mattsort.

compagnon: Greetings, Mx. Nice to have you with us. Especially if we know your Instagram feed, we know how elaborate your photography and your works are. What equipment do you use to achieve this gritty, urban look?

Mxmilian: I shoot purely digitally. The reason for this is that the creative aspect doesn't disappear for me even after the shutter has been released. Editing gives me more options and freedom to add my own signature to the digital images. My commercial work alone means that a lot of time goes into the post-production of videos, so the effort is normal for me.

compagnon: I'm glad you mentioned your signature. Your style is very unique, very special. It conveys certain emotions and many people interpret different things into your character as a result. What do you say to that? Is it all nonsense?

Mxmilian: My photographic style simply depends on my surroundings and the time of day. I don't find that particularly unusual. It's a fact that I personally find somewhat darker and high-contrast images the most interesting. I'm not convinced by the ideal of always being able to see everything.
My pictures live from the mood that I create through the lighting and shadows. That's where their soul lies. Whether this reflects who or what I am, I will leave uncommented. But you can definitely see the explorer and adventurer in me in my photographic style.

compagnon: So you don't have to get into a certain mood before you set off? One might think that you need a very specific mindset for such photos...

Mxmilian: No, that comes when I'm on the road. But I can always draw inspiration from music. If I had to recommend an artist to someone to capture my photos musically, it would be artists like 'Lorn'. In addition, the emptiness of the night is special and interesting for me.


compagnon: We'll definitely give it a try. You mentioned artists from the music sector. What about other photographers? Do you take notice of them or do you strictly do your own thing?

Mxmilian: Definitely. I think Joey L. is an exceptional talent and definitely one of my role models. His incredibly well captured snapshots of exotic cultures inspire me. Urban photographers like Trashhand, Nextsubject and taku have influenced my urban style and continue to do so. When it comes to getting out into nature, Max Münch, Johannes H and Antony Spencer are definitely at the forefront.

compagnon: This long list almost surprises us a little. But what also surprises us are the nature shots that appear in your feed from time to time. Precisely because they seem so contrary to your style. If you could freely choose a location for a photo tour and a companion of your choice, what would you choose?

Mxmilian: Ah, that kind of describes a lifelong dream of mine. I'm serious. I would take any of the artists I just mentioned with me without hesitation. As for the location, I don't have to think twice. New York, Chicago and Detroit would definitely do it among themselves.


compagnon: Vienna is your home. Many photographers love this city. And rightly so, we think. You show Vienna from a different perspective, which is certainly not always easy. Have you ever had a vision of a picture that was difficult to realize?

Mxmilian: Sure. Some shots were difficult to realize. But the handstand on the edge of the roof probably demanded the most from me. I waited a long time for this picture and its realization and when it finally came to it, I had to muster up a lot of sensitivity and willpower to really pull it off. But that's what it's all about.


compagnon: If we ask you now what you are particularly proud of in your photography, would you point to this picture?

Mxmilian: I'm more proud of the fact that I'm still developing after all these years. That's not something that can be taken for granted. That's why I can still hope that I'll reach my goal one day.

compagnon: Our midnight blue backpack fits you and your art like a glove. What is good equipment generally about for you? What do you look out for?

Mxmilian: I think resistance to external influences is very important, but that alone is not enough for me. The design has to be well thought out and offer me functionality that I can get on with for a long time. It's a bit like having a best friend.

compagnon: We could hardly find a better conclusion. We are excited to see what we will (and won't) see from you in the future and thank you for your time.
Good luck with your work and have fun out there with your compagnon backpack.

The images in this article were provided by MXMILIAN. The images are protected by copyright. MXMILIAN holds the sole rights. More from MXMILIAN on Instagram or on his website

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