Photokina 2016 - Off to Cologne

When compagnon finally made it to photokina fare in its third year of existence, we were proud and full of ideas how to represent compagnon as a brand as well as our unique products at the Messe Convention Center in Cologne. Now that we were finally able to actually make most of our ideas come true, it's time to get going...

Photokina 2016 - compagnon on the road

All hands on deck. Together we worked on design ideas, made sketches and looked into disbelieving faces of contractors offering to build our booth. We were certain right from the start: We're building our booth ourselves. Vitalis grabbed his power drill, planer and angle grinder and turned our vision into reality. compagnon is all about the exceptional feel, uniqueness, handmade quality and natural beauty. Building such a piece of art as a fare booth is one thing, taking it apart for transport is another. But every long journey starts with the first step. So off we went, to the capital of the river Rhine region:




Our mantra is well known, as its the same one that goes into our products: Everything that looks like leather, actually is leather. Everything that looks like solid metal is just that. Our booth had to be just the same. Also the visitors should be able to see and feel the craftsmanship in all the details. Resulting in an handmade atmosphere that should be unique at photokina. Shakespeare once pictured Birnam wood coming to mount Dunsinane, today we're bringing the Black Forest to Cologne. Not too bad, don't you think?




Beside brand new products, some of which we've never shown to the public before at all, we'll also have great guests at our booth. These artists will take part in interview sessions as well as informative & entertaining live shows, talking about their photography, projects as well as providing advise and more insight:




We're looking forward to show you what compagnon products have got to offer and inviting you to check out our new models personally. Enjoy the appeal of compagnon leather and canvas surrounded by the special sense of life of the Black Forest region, right at the marvelous piece of nature we've created at photokina. Whiteness the outdoor feeling and escape the the busy, emotionless hassle of the fare for some time. At our booth, where being there does actually mean being present with all your senses. Let your emotions and thoughts roam this spot without worrying what's around the next corner. And, of course, see the best camera bags in the world.


At hall 4.1 , booth I 029



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