compagnon for inspiration – Part 17:
Marco ter Beek

Marco ter Beek is relaxed and describes himself as not a fast photographer, who needs to feel a picture before he takes it. The Dutchman gets along with everybody in an excellent way. An ideal requirement for the handling of his models at portrait shootings. Besides portraits Marco got a passion for beauty, business and fashion photography. We're looking forward to this talk since a long time:


"compagnon for Inspiration" - Part 17

Marco ter Beek

Short Bio

Marco used to work in the hospitality industry and has maintained his uncomplicated & open mentality also as a photographer. His goal is to reveal the beauty inside of his models and to make the best possible picture. This attitude together with his talent has led him to winning the "top photo award 2015". Furthermore Marco is known and successful as a fashion-photographer and instructor. He certainly has some tips for us.   compagnon: Hi Marco, nice to have you here for this interview. As one of our ambassadors we know and appreciate your style. But how would you describe your style to someone who doesn't know you?

Marco ter Beek: My style would be described as strong and powerful, I am always trying to have a second layer in my portraits. If someone looks longer than one second to my portraits eye’s my goal is achieved, the eyes are the soul of the portrait person, so they better be good then.   compagnon: Looking at your pictures and portraits, you immediately ask yourself about the origin of your inspiration. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Marco ter Beek: My inspiration is coming from several things, one of them is that if you don’t have any inspiration remember this, you name three items, close your eyes and you see the picture in your mind, for example: 1) a couple, 2) saying goodbye, and 3) location, translation. The only thing left is that you have to make the picture!

  compagnon: You have a lot of awesome and beautiful pictures, but which was the most memorable photo you ever took and why?

Marco ter Beek: That is an easy one, without a doubt it is Marlon, the man with grey beard and grey hat, that one was chosen top 50 out of 107.000 portraits worldwide in the Sony World Photography Awards of 2017, that one made me Sony ambassador and, and, and………!

  compagnon: Let's assume you wouldn't have your compagnon little weekender and therefore you could only take a single camera and one lens on a short trip. Which one will it be and why?

Marco ter Beek: It would be with no doubt my Sony A7RIII with the 16/35 f/2.8 G-master attached to it. I am in love with this setup, the files are big enough to crop so I don’t bother shooting a little bit wide, but there is one extra thing I just can't leave at home, and that is my Sirui carbon tripod and off-course the compagnon little weekender.

  compagnon: Maybe you know, that in our interviews there are often "Make a wish" questions. Suppose a fairy godmother grants you three wishes, as long as they relate to your photography and your work. What do you choose?

Marco ter Beek: Oh wow, that would be heavy wouldn’t it? 1) my own studio space 2) every year a fresh custom-made portfolio book 3) shooting fashion with a top model.

compagnon: Post processing is really important for photographers. How much time do you roughly invest in post processing one of your photos?

Marco ter Beek: It will take roughly one hour per photo to post process them, for me it starts with a good start photo and then enhance what's in it. I always pay attention to skin blemishes, eyes, dodge & burn and the final step is color grading.

  compagnon: Team player or lone wolf? Come shooting time, do you work with a team or on your own?

Marco ter Beek: I just love working with a team, never underestimate the power of a well working team, make-up artist, hair stylist and styling are essential. With a good performing team, you can create art for your customer and that is the ultimate goal for me, creating art!

Marco ter Beek compagnon-307   compagnon: Often there's two ways to deal with the shutter button: Full burst or selective and frugal. What's your style?

Marco ter Beek: Because I am a slow photographer it is selective and one shot at a time, there is no advantage in burst mode and to throw away 98% of your pictures. First look in your viewfinder, direct the model, and shoot one frame at the time!

Marco ter Beek compagnon-301   compagnon: You go on deserved vacation. Do you take your camera? Will you use it during your off time?

Marco ter Beek: I will take it with me, but I almost don't use it.

compagnon: Does the weather affect you? How important are weather conditions for you when you leave the house with your camera? Annoying factor or convenient change of pace?

Marco ter Beek: I love weather changes, if the model I am shooting with likes it too I just love to shoot in the pouring rain and use my off-camera flash. It gives the pictures so much more energy. So, for me, a very convenient change of pace.

compagnon: Thank you very much for your time. It was a pleasure to get a closer look on your work and way of working. We're happy that your little weekender always accompanies you in the studio and wish you further success and most importantly keep your fun. All the best and see you soon! Marco ter Beek compagnon-306  

All images in this feature were kindly provided by Marco ter Beek. All images are under copyright. All rights reserved to Marco ter Beek and compagnon GbR.

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This interview is also available in the German version.

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