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This short film was created spontaneously while we were documenting the origin and the making process of our compagnon ‘the beewax’ leather care. In fact this little parcel of nature belongs to Co-founder Vitalis’ family. If you’re interested about our leather care product in particular, check out the product in our shop.


The idea
Where did compagnon actually start? And how? For that we’ll have to go back to 2009. compagnon as a concept is much older than that. There is a little story that will tell you about what we mean by that, right here

We found ourselves in some kind of desperate situation of need. We kept searching for a leather camera bag and we found several alternatives in the course of months. But there was always something to put us off. Sometimes the material didn’t feel or look right, in some cases the craftsmanship was not up to par. Often the design was just too uninspiring, looking photography-nerdy or overly brash. We could go on with this, really…

So the goal was set: “Let’s make a bag ourselves. The best super premium camera bag from leather around. So we’ll get what we actually would love to use and live with.”

A few minutes later we climbed off the ego train and realized we should make a couple of extra units of our photo bag, just in case other people out there might like the bag as well. Possibly there were other leather enthusiasts like us. We sat down and stuck our heads together. While Vitalis was designing the first couple of prototypes, we realized this was much harder than we had expected. Most of the initial ideas went straight to the bin. But some ideas stuck, getting us closer and closer the the first original compagnon.

Long story short, the first ‘messenger’ camera bag was sold in December 2012, on the brink of the new year. From this day we made sure to preserve the unique essence of compagnon while making subtle improvements. That’s what we work on everyday together with our great team.

The characteristics of a compagnon
Functionality was definitely important to us. But so was the style and looks. It needed to be restraint and thus suitable for professional photoshoots or respectable events. But it also shouldn’t have a snooty, imperious or nerdy appeal thus it wouldn’t look right around you on your bike crossing the city center in the afternoon. It had to be cool and laid back as well.

Another crucial focus was durability and decades of possible life span. Just because we always loved the things most that we could be using for years. We love the feeling of something kind of growing on you. compagnon was set to provide this feeling as well. Win over your heart. For this reason our compagnon buffalo leather as well as the authentic waxed canvas for our products feature a signature “pull-up” effect. This basically means that every compagnon bag will retain a one of a kind patina from its use. Do you know these gorgeous leather wingback chairs from victorian tea clubs? It’s just like that. So your bag will become a mirror of your adventures and your life. It becomes a part of your own story, not looking alike any other compagnon out there. Always one of a kind.

On the inside we’re using prime velcro velour. It not only allows for storage separator pads to be fitted in countless ways suiting all of your demands. It also suits the bags durability. On the point where nylon, polyurethane or other synthetic pads collapse, crumple up or start ripping, our velour is still well in its comfort zone.


Behind every compagnon for years & decades there’s a strong team:

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About Valentin: And Action! Valentin, director and filmmaker with compagnon and his film company Schuele Filme. He’s our kitesurfing sales guru and an incredibly competitive guy.
My personal compagnon: I take my grey compagnon messenger anywhere and it makes sure that I’m on top of my game, on set of my film productions or during everyday challenges.
Your contact for: All kinds of merchant & distribution inquiries, live events and fares, general projects linked to compagnon and/or our business, career & jobs at compagnon, general business inquiries
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About Vitalis: Our man on the front line. Nobody can fool him around leather, canvas and steel. His job is to make dapper & practical design come to life. Overcoming a difficult climb is something he likes to do on his off-time, too.
My personal compagnon: My dark blue compagnon backpack has to deal with way more than just a camera. I also carry tools, a power drill, samples of leather and fabrics or countless draft designs.
Your contact for: questions or feedback to a specific compagnon product, all kinds of special manufacturing requests and custom made products, in-depth questions about authentic compagnon leather and/or canvas, requests or suggestions regarding product development
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About Xaver: For him, even perfection leaves room for optimization. Especially regarding marketing and IT. Our server’s watchman, creative creator of online content, head technology guy. And he creates those cool social media campaigns for you, too.
My personal compagnon: My compagnon backpack is perfect when I got my gear with me. On working days “the wallet” keeps all those things in check I need to manage several projects at once.
Your contact for: any technical and/or usability issues with our website or webshop, questions about promotions or our social media strategy, required assistance in the checkout process, availability of certain online information/content, simply sharing an awesome snap of your compagnon product
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About Simone: Simone keeps a wary eye on all those important details that hide in tiny numbers and receipts. She tackles that compagnon lunacy raging at our headquarter from time to time and takes care that your compagnon orders do arrive at your door swiftly.
Your contact for: Any questions regarding delivery, shipping, exchange or return, payment information & inquiries, document & receipt requests, change of delivery requests and so on.
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About Kyungmi: Bag and Accessoire design is truly in her veins. Her ideas, intuition for style and looks as well as her knack for precise prototyping now elevate the product development at compagnon. Together with Vitalis, she’s making sure our new, dapper and functional designs become reality as quickly as possible and thus are available to you sooner.
Your contact for: All kinds of creative input or ideas, certain design requests or suggestions, questions about upcoming new models, you’re a producer of awesome fabrics or parts that could fit well on a compagnon product? Or you need someone to speak Korean to?
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