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Today, behind every companion named 'compagnon' stands a strong, talented team. Here you have the chance to personally address every team member.
To get rid of your questions, feedback and suggestions in the right place, you will find all information about each compagnon with one click. At the bottom of this page, you will learn all about our genesis.
From the idea to the prototype...
The origin of compagnon lies in the year 2009. The dream in the minds of the founders, Vitalis and Valentin, is much older. At that time, the two cousins and close friends were in a common emergency situation. Both love creative work. Valentin is filming, Vitalis prefers photos. A versatile camera bag, that could convince both of them with function and optics, did not exist.
They found a huge selection but either the material didn't fit, or the workmanship, or the design, or, or, or...
At some point the solution was pronounced aloud: "We want to design & build the best and highest quality leather photo bag, so that we have something that we like to use for many years."
Maybe you could even make some more pieces, so that you can share the leather joy with others? Vitalis drew the first designs, they had smoking heads for many nights, rejected ideas filled countless trashcans. But not without a result.
The first compagnon 'messenger', from a tiny small series, was sold in December 2012 just before Sylvester.
At this time, only available in dark brown, the first generation 'messenger' marked the birth of compagnon. Since this day we have preserved the values and the essence of compagnon and gradually improved gently.
And we do that, together with our team, every day.
What makes a compagnon...
The photo bag should have useful functions, but also style. She should be discreet enough to take her with you to a serious photo shoot. But she should do just an equally good figure in the afternoon on a bike in the city. Be fancy. Stylish. Casual. Timeless. The focus is on durability. We especially love things, that we can use for many years. Things that win our hearts. Every compagnon must be able to do that. For this reason, offer both the leather and the waxed canvas of our bags a unique "Pull-Up" effect. That means the bag will get a patina over time, similar to antique leather chairs. This patina reflects the type of use and is therefore always unique. Your compagnon becomes a mirror of your adventures. Your unique peace with its own story. On the inside we’re using prime velcro velour. It not only allows for storage separator pads to be fitted in countless ways suiting all of your demands. It also suits the bags durability. Where Nylon-, PU- or other plastic upholstery collapse or rupture, the strong compagnon velor from Southern Germany is just beginning.
Facts, Facts, Facts...
All compagnon products are developed, designed and tested by us in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim. The manufacturing of our leather & canvas products happens to 100% at our European partner workshop. Vitalis works closely with the seamstresses and craftsmen there. For our tactile models like the Element and Explorer series there is no top-notch knowhow and manufacturing capacity in Europe anymore. That's when we chose to work with an industry-leading ultra-premium partner in Vietnam. This partner is establishing European work condition standards with labour protection, working hours, medical care, maternity leave and, of course, fair pay. We also vitsit this partner ourselves, just like we do with our partners in Europe to really see the positive change that is being achieved for our workers and the industry as a whole. To be fully transparent, we take our cameras to put our manufacturing to film so you can see for yourself.
We disassociate ourselves from products built in low wage countries where human and labour rights are commonly disregarded.
compagnon’s characteristic 100% naturally tanned buffalo leather was produced in Italy since the beginning. Because we constantly strive for maximum quality that constantly surpasses our requirements, and because regionality is an important point for us, we only use South German bull leather for compagnon leather products from 2017. The locally sourced skins are then naturally tanned by a traditional, family-run tannery in Northern Germany. This step limits ecologically unfavorable long-distance transport and we get to stay in close contact to the production process. Furthermore, this benefits our region and several small and midsize companies from our area, too.

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