About us

Any moment becomes immortal only through emotion and the people within it.
The word compagnon describes a friend who is so loyal
for such a long time that this individual is regarded a family member.
This kind of trust, connection and the feeling is our DNA.

Quality & Manufacturing

The makings of a true compagnon...

An ideal photo bag should provide function, but also style. It should be discreet enough to always have it with you. But it should cut just as good a figure in the afternoon on the bike in the city. It should be ergonomic, durable and responsible. And of course practical. And casual. And timeless, so that it will still look appealing years later.
More than just a few of requirements, obviously. Personally, we especially love things that we have been using happily for many years. Things that have won our hearts. That's what we want every compagnon to achieve.
How do we achieve this? Find out...
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The story we wrote...

began in 2009. At that time, the dream in the heads of founders Vitalis and Valentin had been existing for ages. Being cousins and best friends with creative hobbies, they were also united in their resentment of the type of camerabags on offer.
The sheer number was massive but none of them were really great. Either the material wasn't good enough, or the craftsmanship was lacking, or the durability was questionable at best. Or the design was hideous. Or, or or.
The solution was apparent: "We want to create the best and most valuable camera bag from leather ever, so we can finally have something we love to use for many years."
"And maybe we could even make a few pieces more so we can share the sensational leather experience with others who might be interested."
Vitalis did draw the first designs, heads were buzzing through the nights, scrapped draft designs filled the wastepaper bin. One day though, there were actual results.
The first compagnon 'messenger', handcrafted in a tiny batch, was sold to one lucky guy around New Year's Eve 2012. The starting pistol had been fired. Fittingly.
The first generation messenger was only available in dark brown German leather. The reception with photography enthusiasts was stellar so we're preserving the essence of compagnon ever since and work on improving our product lineup daily.
The involved parts may be different ones today, their quantity has grown larger but the soul remains where it has always been.

Dreams are collectively made

our team

Today, every compagnon that bears our name is brought to you by a strong & even more talented team.
All compagnons are developed, designed and tested by us at our home base in Birkenfeld, in Germany's Black Forest. Our heritage line products from leather and canvas are handcrafted at our workshop in the city of Cracow. Our CEO and co-founder Vitalis is closely working with the seamstresses and artisans there. He also regularly visits our leading Vietnamese manufacturing, modelled after European standards, to fine-tune the features and details of our Element and Adapt line products.
He is supported by Xaver, who responsibly manages our entire Marketing, Communications & IT.
To add some visual polish to our product ideas, sketches and designs, our Chief Designer Kyungmi skillfully enhances them with her pen, brush and experience.
When things get busy left and right, Simone from accounting & logistics reminds us to pay attention to the tiny details.

With this unique combination we work to create your unique compagnon experience for today and tomorrow.

Every compagnon needs a friend


Creative work is fast paced. Trends come and go within hours. Equipment and necessary tech can change with the requirements from one shoot to another. Stability, familiarity and consistency are hard to find. But just that is our goal. And our loyal friends, lovers and users of our products for years, mean a lot to us and rightfully belong to our compagnon family.

We love to make room on the table for another friend. But this happens rarely. So if you're interested in a cooperation with us, we got some info prepared for you about that...