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Komfortables CarryLite Ergo System & vegane XPac Außenhaut an einem extrem funktionellen Kamerarucksack. Leicht, vielseitig, robust. Ideal für den anspruchsvollen Outdoor- und Reise-Transport.

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Material & Fertigung


Die Element Line hat eine Außenhaut aus dem Segeltuch hochmoderner Rennboote. Dieses Material, entwickelt vom Weltmarktführer aus Kempen in Deutschland, ist dauerhaft wasserdicht durch die innovative Laminat-Struktur. Darüber bietet das vegane XPac VX21 das höchste Strength-to-Weight Verhältnis aller vergleichbaren Materialien auf dem Markt. XPac ist extrem robust und dabei enorm leicht.



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ca. 51 x 30 x 18 cm (HxBxT, Leerzustand)
ca. 49 x 29 x 16 cm (HxBxT, Leerzustand)
Abmessungen Rolltop Innenmaß
max. ca. 36cm (Höhe) x 35cm (Breite)
geeignet bis 15 Zoll (auch 2019 Macbook Pro 16 Zoll)
ca. 2 kg


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Kundenbewertungen für "'Element backpack'"

Saved my back

I purchased this excellent bag after watching a YouTuber I follow and came directly to the site. I live in Istanbul so it took a little awhile to receive the bag but it was delivered with no problems at all. And very excitedly I immediately started organizing my bag. It fit my Canon Eos R with a RF 100-500 mounted on and my other Canon Eos R with RF 15-35 mounted on , my DJI Mavic 2 Pro , extra batteries , remote and my tech bag with extra room to spare. This might be dangerous as I could easily add stuff I don't need to carry just cause I have the space :)) I have not used the rolling side yet but I am sure it is going to be very useful and handy. On the side zipper I put a big charging dock with all sorts of cables with no problems. The front pocket which I love took all my GoPro accessories and bits and pieces. On my first outing for the first time I had no back pain ( I have major back ache problems ) and when I came back to the car to put my tripod and bag in the boot I realized I had forgotten the bag on my back :) it is that comfortable to use that you forget you have it on your back. I just wish we could have had just some more color options , specially a nice navy one. Thank you very much for offering such great service and bag Compagnon :)


Love this backpack, which proves extremely functional, resistant, stylish, comfortable as well as ethical

I purchased the Elements backbpack for my travel needs with my photo gear, after trying backpacks of 2 other brands one full week each. The Compagnon Elements comes first by many criteria.
Even though the Compagnon web site is very informative (which gave me hints on the quality of its bags), it is difficult to get the impression of a backpack before actually seing and trying it. Once I decided to purchase it, and received it, the Elements backpack has met all my criteria, and they were demanding. First of all, I quickly loved the alliance of style (desert brown was my personal choice), functionality, comfort on the back (thanks to padding and lightweight) and obvious durability of the fabric and global design.
The organization, different from what I had seen before, revealed itself to be extremely functional, fitting both short afternoon shootings and a few days trip. The roll top has just the right size to my opinion to have this versatility, the front pocket is well organized and useful, as well as the side mesh pockets. The front scratch pocket I used as a discrete compartment for my passport. There is far enough space in the main compartment for my camera gear (a Fuji APS-C X series and its 4 lenses, but a DSLR body will fit equal), as well as my 13” laptop and its cover. I could arrange the separators with velcro attachments on the side to fit the camera gear well, and even arrange, under Compagnon advise, a kind of "window", made by a separator, to be able to grab from the side pocket the lens located under the camera body.
The back padding and shoulder strips makes carrying the backpack really comfortable. I am glad my smartphone with its cover fit in the belt pocket. It's nice to feel one's equipement secure as the material is very water resistant, as this last week near the Loire river with much rain has shown me. The only thing I found strange / possibly misplaced was the keyring, in one of the mesh pockets. But perhaps the ring is designed to fix a tripod or another accessory rather than a key. In that case, I would add a ring in the front pocket.
The ethical part of the production process was important to me, and I trust the information given on the process and conditions of production on the Compagnon web site. I am glad to wear a backpack that contributes somehow to working conditions and that is at least traceable.
Globally, I am extremely satisfied with the Elements backpack, which I feel will fit all my exterior camera needs for many years.

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