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A strap bears high responsibility. So no compromises here. the strap is handmade from Southern German bull leather, at 22mm wide it is particularly comfortable with compact, mirrorless cameras.


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Product information "the strap camera strap"

compagnon camera straps

Timeless, smooth and still durable. the strap and bold strap are classic photography straps crafted from our famous signature leather used for all our Heritage products. The narrower version 'strap' with its 22 milimeter width is ideal for compact mirrorless camera bodies and lighter lens combos. The strap is lightweight, easy so handle and pack away and hardly noticeable on your neck or shoulder. The wider 'bold strap' is perfectly suited for even larger, heavier camera systems and bulky lenses, spreading the weight over a larger area and upping the comfort for you. Both straps feature built-in padding and adjustable military nylon webbing ends. This material is especially hard-wearing and tearproof. Still it can be cut and sized to your liking easily. Any strap comes with a total of 4 metal adjusters to set your ideal length and offer utmost security to carry your precious camera setup. Additionally, we include two adapter rings in case your camera does come with tiny connecting holes for straps to mount to. Check out our tutorial video for our straps in which we'll show you how to adjust, size and attach your new compagnon camera strap in the best way.
Length padded leather segment:
- 85 cm / 33.5 inch
Length nylon strap ends:
- 70 cm / 27.5 inch
max. Length overall:
- 2.25 Meter
Width (leather segment):
- 40 milimeters

Leather & materials Gen III

New Generation III

Gen III compagnons break new ground while still sticking to the beloved specs and features of its predecessors. To blend indulgence and true ecological awareness even more, we stuck to an all natural tanning process, which is now carried out very close to our home base in Southern Germany. Our new compagnon leather is barrel tanned and extensively worked and refined by hand. The German raw leather builds more character during this process and shows the natural pores and characteristics of the hide more clearly. The pull-up effect of previous models, which built patina and character from use over time, is no longer part of the Generation III. Our latest compagnons will not change during use and not need any time to develop a more characterful color and structure. This change provides an even higher durability and weatherproofing. To achieve these qualities of the Gen III leather, still no chemicals or harmful additives like Chrome are needed. It requires more manual craft, more time, more knowledge and passion. From now on, the sameness of colors on our leather models will also improve so different compagnons made from different hide match each other in color more perfectly. Along with these changes, the surface feel is even smoother for a more luxurious and more valuable experience in use.
Our compagnon Gen III leather, from the first step of its local and traditionally natural crafting, to it dependability for years and years, is an embodiment of a ecologically and socially responsible product.

compagnon leather straps

Our handcrafted strap and bold strap are made from our finest organic Gen III leather on both sides. Interior foam padding within creates more comfort than regular belt leather straps. Just like a traditionally crafted luxury leather shoe, the camera straps do require a break-in period. After some use your strap will mold to your preferred carrying position and the structure of your body. Out of the box, premium straps can feel a little tight but with some use it will start to fit like a smooth pair of gloves.

Scope of delivery

  • 4x Metal adjusters
  • 2x Metal adapter rings

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14 May 2020 20:39

Bester Strap ever!

Super Kameragurt. Schlicht und minimalistisch. Top verarbeitet und super Qualität. Einfach ein schöner dezenter Gurt von höchster Lederqualität und sehr angenehm zu tragen.

6 September 2018 09:26

Könnte nicht zufriedener sein

Ich wollte einen schönen Ledergurt, den ich gerne anfasse, der durch und durch nach Leder riecht und trotz viel Leders sehr flexibel und kompakt verstaut werden kann. Auch wenn der Preis anfangs etwas schmerzt, aber wenn man den The Strap dann in den Händen hält, ist alles wieder gut. Das Leder riecht fantastisch und knautscht sich butterweich nach ein paar Einsätzen. Dadurch wird der Gurt nicht zum Hindernis und schmiegt sich auch in engen Taschen wunderbar an die Kamera oder aber lässt sich handlich klein verstauen. Die bewusst äußerst lang gestalteten Gurtbänder sind genial. Ein Cent-Artikel an dem viele Hersteller sparen. Durch die extreme Länge sollte wirklich jeder Tragestil und jedes Körpermaß abgedeckt sein. Ich mag einfach die Idee, den Gurt auf MEINE Länge bringen zu können. Das gepaart mit einem sauberen Konzept zur Längenverstellung (ich liebe diese kleinen Lederapplikationen und die wertigen Metallösen aus Edelstahl) macht den The Strap für mich zu einem. Ich nutze Kameragurte eher selten und habe bislang gescheut viel Geld zu investieren, doch diese Investition hat sich gelohnt. Ähnlich wie bei einem guten Stativ: der wird ewig halten und hat sich schnell bezahlt gemacht.