the beewax - organic leather care

The perfect care product for all compagnon leather products and other leather items. Protective, caring, refreshing and still all natural. Handmade by compagnon, using only the purest, 100% organic, regional ingredients. Care for what you love.

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beewax leather care

Specs and Application

compagnon the beewax is handmade at compagnon in Birkenfeld, Black Forest Germany. Since we developed the beewax ourselves, neither the recipe nor the manufacturing process has changed. The purest, natural & regional waxes and oils, blended over open fire. Never change what's already perfect. We recommend the beewax to be used with products made from compagnon natural German bull leather because this care product does not contain any artificial, chemical or harmful ingredients. Even under intense use it is safe to use for adults and children alike. To maintain those organic, natural qualities, we explicitly discourage you from using synthetic care products. Also we cannot foreclose discolorations or other undesirable side effects when using third-party care products.Thus we're recommending our handmade, organic the beewax leather care do maintain leather substance, durability and water resistance.

The beewax is simple to use. Simply apply a small amount of wax to the leather using a cotton towel or old rag. We suggest rather using too little than too much wax at once. The leather pores will need a couple of hours to incorporate the leather care. If your bag does not feel dry to the touch after that time, use a dry towel or rag to buff out the remaining wax on the surface. Please refer to our 'How to use' video to watch us go thorugh the process in detail for you.

Dimensions & weight

Weight of can
- 120 grams

- 100 mililiters

- lasts for 10-15 applications with "the messenger" bag size
(depending on used amount)

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Customer reviews on "the beewax - organic leather care"
7 Sep 2018

Riecht sehr angenehm und pflegt wie sie soll

Das Bienenwachs pflegt die Tasche sehr gut. Nutze das Wachs meinst 1-2 mal im Jahr, je nachdem, wie meine Messenger strapaziert wurde.
Unschöne Kratzer auf dem Leder verschwinden fast komplett beim "eincremen"...
Das Wachs hat einen sehr angenehmen Geruch!

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