toolbag Gen III

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The most versatile solution for most small and delicate equipment parts that get lost or messy easily. It holds all those essential bits and bobs in one handy, stylish and safe place.


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Product information "toolbag Gen III"


Never leave home withouts - This compagnon offers storage for:

  • Go-Pro camera incl. compact mount, wi-fi kit or similar accessories
  • extra lenses for your camera (depending on their dimensions)
  • multiple compact external harddrives
  • various batteries, chargers, cables, memory cards etc.
  • tripod parts and accessories for camera, lamps, umbrellas and so on
  • lenscaps, filters, grey cards or similar
  • shades, headphones or buds, lens cloths
  • valuables, credit- or bank cards, cash, passport, business cards
  • if necessary you can also fit your smartphone
Exterior dimensions:
6.5 inch (height) x 8.7 inch (width) x 4.3 inch (depth)
Internal dimensions:
5.9 inch (height) x 8.6 inch (width) x 3.1-4.3 inch (depth)

ca. 300g

Leather & materials Gen III

New Generation III

Gen III compagnons break new ground while still sticking to the beloved specs and features of its predecessors. To blend indulgence and true ecological awareness even more, we stuck to an all natural tanning process, which is now carried out very close to our home base in Southern Germany. Our new compagnon leather is barrel tanned and extensively worked and refined by hand. The German raw leather builds more character during this process and shows the natural pores and characteristics of the hide more clearly. The pull-up effect of previous models, which built patina and character from use over time, is no longer part of the Generation III. Our latest compagnons will not change during use and not need any time to develop a more characterful color and structure. This change provides an even higher durability and weatherproofing. To achieve these qualities of the Gen III leather, still no chemicals or harmful additives like Chrome are needed. It requires more manual craft, more time, more knowledge and passion. From now on, the sameness of colors on our leather models will also improve so different compagnons made from different hide match each other in color more perfectly. Along with these changes, the surface feel is even smoother for a more luxurious and more valuable experience in use.
Our compagnon Gen III leather, from the first step of its local and traditionally natural crafting, to it dependability for years and years, is an embodiment of a ecologically and socially responsible product.

Leather and manufacturing

Natural compagnon Leder

Natural & traditional crafting methods carried out by local partners are and have been a must for compagnon products for years. Starting in summer 2022, our exclusive compagnon leather is headed towards even higher levels of quality. Using selected German cow hide, a local and strictly natural tanning process creates a durable but still smooth leather for our Heritage Line bags and backpacks. Each hide, and respectively each compagnon product made from it, shows unique structure and character, reflecting the life of that very animal. Achieving absolute sameness in look, which can only be achieved by housing the animal close to 100 percent of its life, is something we do not believe in. A near-natural, better than appropriate life of the animals used for compagnon products are of utmost importance. This provides a responsible, but also beautiful and natural compagnon leather.
Despite its amazing look, feel and quality, no harmful chemicals are needed to create genuine compagnon leather. It is completely safe and harmless to your health (or everyone's health around you), even in intense use. We do not use harmful ingredients like chrome or chemical agents to achieve absolute color sameness in our tanning. With generations of leather tanning experience, we can achieve consistent colors with natural processes alone. Also, compagnon leather is a strictly local product for which the know-how of small, family-run businesses is combined. As we do not recommend putting chemical, industrial leather care products on such a pure leather product, we created our personally(!) homemade, fully organic ‚the beewax‘ leather care. It refreshes the color and the original weatherproofing as well as keeping the leather from drying out.
All compagnon leather products are meticulously handcrafted in our workshop close to the city of Cracow. Find out more in our behind-the-scenes tour at our workshop where all our leather and canvas bags & backpacks are made.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x separator pad large
  • 2x separator pad small

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